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    What type of "farm to table" activities are you involved in?

    I raise chickens. Fresh eggs every day! I'll vote the "homegrown produce" option. Edit: this morning, I was making pancakes. No eggs in the fridge! I sent my little girl outside with a basket to check if there were any eggs in the coop yet. She came back with 3. It is just the absolute cutest...
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    I like Diners Drive-ins and Dives... not because of Guy Fieri, but because the stories about the people and the restaurants are great. I'd never get a chance to meet those people and hear their stories, and they're just fascinating to listen to. In my mind Fieri is irrelevant to the show, and...
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    What Did You Cook For Independence Day?

    I made burgers, brats, hot dogs, jalapeno poppers, and salad with homemade cherry vinaigrette. Sadly the only brats left at the store were the crummy pre-cooked ones. Other people brought quinoa salad, baked beans, turkey burgers with grated zucchini, and boca burgers. Jalapeno poppers are...
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    flour tortillas

    For quesadillas, lightly brush the outside with olive oil and sprinkle with salt before throwing them on the griddle. You'll end up with a crunchy, crispy crust that dramatically improves them and takes virtually no additional time. I also make half-quesadillas with a single, folded-in-half...
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    sour cream....

    Experiment and find out! Remember that with more acidic ingredients, you should start swapping out some of the baking power with baking soda. Baking soda leavens in response to acidity (double-acting baking powder leavens in response to acid and heat). The more acid you add, the more you can...
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    Raw egg prevention needed

    Statistics are easily misunderstood. The odds of flipping a coin twice and getting two heads in a row are 1:4, or 25%. But after having flipped a heads, the coin can't remember the past flip. It doesn't care. The next flip has a 1:2 chance of being heads, 50%. Both statements are true, but...
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    Raw egg prevention needed

    It is if you're a restaurant serving tens of thousands of eggs a year. Eventually the odds will catch up with you. Otherwise, frankly, no. The odds are so slim that any individual egg is contaminated, and that that egg will be the one you happen to use in a raw egg recipe, that they can be...
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    Belgian waffles vs regular waffles?

    I'm working on a sourdough waffle recipe... crunchy gossamer is what I'm going for. It has to puff up quickly enough to fill the iron, and then harden into an interlocking matrix of crunchy strands. They're mostly air -- large bubbles with only the thin shell of each bubble becoming crispy...
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    Grilling chicken and cross contamination safety?

    Quick question: I heard once that salmonella can only survive in a fairly narrow pH range. The argument was that this is why Caesar dressing includes an acid ingredient, usually lemon juice -- to kill the salmonella and make the raw eggs in it safe. Is this accurate?
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    Stock vs Broth

    There seems to be no consensus. Which is kind of weird because so many things in cooking have very specific definitions.
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    Grilling chicken and cross contamination safety?

    In which case it's not being killed in the chicken on the grill either. That is to say, if your marinade has botulism, you have bigger problems than your turning spatula.
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    Food/Food Culture Pet Peeves

    To me, "meat" means any animal. Chicken, beef, pork, fish.... all different kinds of meat. They're certainly not plants, right? Which has, of course, led to the discussion of whether or not I should consider eggs to be "meat" since they're also not plants.  Which I don't. I mentally put eggs in...
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    Grilling chicken and cross contamination safety?

    Any contamination on the surface of the chicken is going to die very quickly. The exterior is exposed to heat in excess of 165 almost the instant it is put on the grill. After a minute or two there simply isn't anything alive on the surface of your chicken. I would allow a couple minutes of...
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    Unusual Topic- Homemade GF Playdough!

    Coffee ground dough: 2 cups used, dry coffee grounds 1/2 cup salt 1 1/2 cup cornmeal warm water to moisten (add teaspoon at a time) This dough has an interesting texture kids like. Cornstarch dough: 4 cups salt 1 cup cornstarch water to moisten Cook over medium heat until it forms...
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    I'm betting there's already more than a few heated discussions about microwaves around here. My point of view is that they're fine as long as you understand how they work. They're a quick and easy way to melt butter, warm tortillas, make a quick cup of boiling water, etc. The defrost function...
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