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    Refrigerate before frying?

    Somewhere I read that refrigerating chicken (after preparing with flour, egg, bread crumbs), for a an hour or so before frying will help prevent it from soaking up oil. Is there any truth to that?
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    Struggle Chicken/Breast

    Does anybody have a better way to slice Chicken Breasts for breast cutlets? When you slice them in 1/2 longways, I cut the remaining cutlets in two and pound till thin so as to attain the same size for even cooking, etc. Is there a better way that you know?
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    I need a durable kitchen timer

    I know this probably doesnt help unless you have one, but I user Amazon Alexa - Reliable and can set multiple timers. I think an Amazon Dot is only 39.99.
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    Glazed Carrot - My extra ingredient

    Normal pan glazed carrots (butter, brown sugar, S&P) Try adding Pumpkin Pie Spice (Cinnamon Ginger Nutmeg Allspice) Great Fall flavors although I do this year round. Anybody else?
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    Lemon Soaked Carrots?

    RECIPE BY COASTAL LIVING: "You'll find this often served in rustic restaurants in France" If that helps...
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    Help chicken breasts

    Never finish on the stove. I bread them, (flour, egg, bread crumb mixture), then saute till golden brown and finish at 300 degrees for about 12 minutes depending on thickness (I like thin). Juicy every single time.
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    Italian "Bangers and Mash"

    Almost added mushrooms, but trying to stay true to "Bangers and Mash" type dish I didnt. No problem with mushrooms though.
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    Italian "Bangers and Mash"

    Irish Pubs serve Bangers and Mash. Here is Italian Sausage and Mash (Sysco spicy Sausage, Marsala Gravy, and slow cooked butter onions)
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    Oregano: Pasta or Pizza Sauce?

    Carrots? Never - wouldnt ruin great San Marzano Tomatoes with Carrots...
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    Oregano: Pasta or Pizza Sauce?

    Lots of people argue about what to call the tomato sauces served with pasta. Some grew up calling call it “gravy”, others “sauce” – some Sugo and Ragu. Non-Italians are very confused when they hear the term gravy being used for tomato sauces as they are familiar with the term “gravy” as a brown...
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    Oregano: Pasta or Pizza Sauce?

    Does anyone think Oregano belongs in Pasta Sauce? Any sauce with Oregano seems to me a Pizza Sauce. Oregano overwhelms the sauce. Of course, every jar sauce on the market has it. In the North Jersey area it's basil not oregano IMHO. "baa-zaa-naa-GOAL" In other dishes that call for Oregano I...
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    Searing Scallops

    You must use "Dry" scallops. If you buy most frozen scallops, they have been soaked in brine to add water weight. They water will come out when searing and they will never brown. I tell people this constantly and they say they have never heard of Dry Scallops. They will cost more.
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    How much Sausage for half tray?

    Turns out about 5.5 lbs was the answer for anyone interested.
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    How much Sausage for half tray?

    I am making Sausage and Peppers, (2 half trays). How many lbs sausage per half tray and how many peppers/onions? I am guessing 10 lbs, 8 peppers and 4 large onions? Am I close?
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