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    Great that you have posted this. It think it should be on the forum somewhere so that each new challenge judge can refer to it.
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    Far Far indian snacks

    It has to be baking powder which is making them puff. Pasta doesn't contain baking powder.
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    May 2021 Challenge: Spicy!

    Well done @butzy! You made some great food, Once again I failed to enter but I'm looking forward to seeing what the next topic will be,
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    May 2021 Challenge: Spicy!

    I completely get this. I once went to an Indian restaurant and asked for the hottest Phal they could make. The chef was looking in from the kitchen as I ate it, in apprehension. It was hot, yes. OK it was very hot! I can do hot...
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    May 2021 Challenge: Spicy!

    Nice one! I'm a complete chilli head so this is a great challenge for me.
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    April 2021 Challenge: Fowl Play

    Congratulations. Well deserved. I really must get back in to joining in for the May challenge.
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    Completely unknown rolling pin from my great grandmother

    How big is it? Rolling pins similar to this are sold for rolling fondant icing:
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    how to thicken salad dressing?

    I use Dijon, vinegar or lemon and garlic with a bit of kefir or plain yoghurt. Will post some photos tomorrow.
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    October 2020 challenge: Soy product

    The photo quality is rather strange - it seems to have turned into what looks like a painting by numbers. Is this a problem with the you uploading to this forum or is it uploading anywhere? I'm loving your entries, BTW.
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    Thanks for the info @Iceman. Is squid included even though it doesn't have an external shell? I've seen definitions of 'shellfish' which include squid. Crayfish is a crustacean so maybe its included? Although... they are freshwater not sea. Well I'll post my crayfish salad anyway. If it doesn't...
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    Sweet Corn Delicious or Not?

    Not so delicious for me. It is very sweet and I don't have much of a sweet palate. I do like it paired with other flavours to contrast with the sweetness. There was something I made using sweet corn not long ago with Gochujang paste. I'll see if I can find the photos...
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    This may sound like a silly question but what is included in the term 'shellfish'? I had not thought of prawns (shrimp) and lobster as shellfish but I think in culinary terms they are included? Would crayfish be included?
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    Simple as it can be. Mussels with white wine sauce, garlic, chilli and coriander leaves (cilantro)
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    Caper brine . . . an interesting ingredient

    Caper brine is a brilliant ingredient. I use it sometimes instead of vinegar in a French style salad dressing. Basically, it can be used in almost any recipe where vinegar might be used - at least, I think so!
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