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    How to Get a Pastry Cook Job with Limited Experience?

    Ive just completed a professional Culinary program in Vancouver BC. Ive known since high school that all I want to do when I grow up is make Delicious deserts however I went to culinary school any way because I felt like cooking offers more career opportunities in my particular area. I'm...
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    A cook at my old job said to me as a joke "the city is going to eat you alive." Its just killing me

    I’ve moved to Vancouver to pursue the dream Ive had since as long as I remeber, getting out of chilliwack and becoming something bigger. That “something better” has changed over the years. if you asked me 10 years ago I wanted to be an actress, five years ago I wanted to be a screen writer...
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    Best way to break into pastry?

    I'm working as a cook right now in my home town and I am about to move to the city. so Ive been looking for a job, I'm going to culinary/Pastry school this September and I'm hoping to work in pastry after its all over. Basically what I'm wondering is do bakeries hire newbies? Should I just wait...
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    Silliest Things...

     AHHHH I forgot  "Lamb shank MOD ONLY Split order" Me "MANDY to the line please! I cant split it" Server "its for too older ladies I said we can split it, I know its against policy but.."  Me "no no no I literally cant split it" Server "come on Why not?" Me "well for starters Its atached to a...
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    Silliest Things...

    Restaurant patrons  "OK, so the guy at 61 wants his tenderloin rare but closer to medium and no blood" "so mid rare?" "I asked him that and he said NO,  Rare but closer to medium and no blood"  the FOH manager "this lady says that this lava cake is under cooked can you re make it?" "Its...
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    At what point do you start refusing to obey an order?

     I feel your pain, My chef and sous Chef's are always contradicting each other. Ive gotten used to cooking the dishes slightly different based on who's working but as soon as they're both on line the jig is up. Its tough because I cant really tell the sous, "chef wants me to do it this way"...
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    how many do you have for easter brunch???

    The hotel I work at just opened and this is my first hotel gig when I heard we did 111 covers, I thought that was crazy. I guess not, but they pulled off the buffet and the restaurant with three people in the kitchen I suppose that's impressive! Then dinner was busy, so much for catching up on...
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    Does any one know of a place to apprentice/take classes doing Sugar work

     Im in vancouver.. or I will be in three months. Im pretty much willing to go any where after I finish culinary school june 2011. I've wanted to do this forever!
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    Are wostof's a waste of money

     It does thank you so much 
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    Are wostof's a waste of money

     I know how to use a stone but I don't have my own yet Ive been bumming off a friend. do you know a good brand or does it matter? Oil or water stone? you seem to have all the answers thank you so much you've been really help full
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    Are wostof's a waste of money

    A few of the people I work with had them and I wasn't a big fan of the shape thats all really, I tried a shun at the knife store I guess I cant totally throw out the idea. Ive been buying knives at a Canadian chain store that only carries Shun, Victorinox, wustof, hankels and i think mercer. I...
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    Does any one know of a place to apprentice/take classes doing Sugar work

     Ive always wanted to do it and I don't think they teach it at the school in going to in September. I really want to get out of Canada anyway for a few years so traveling Isnt a big deal to me. anybody know anything? 
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    hi,everybody ,i'm jasmine,Do you like drinking tea?

     Actually I happen to be a tea drinker, Stick with it, Its been 8 months on line for me and I finally am good at my job. took me forever to learn but now I def Kick ass  I'm still not the bast at actually cooking I want to be a pastry chef any way so what the hell.
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