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    You're all fired!
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    You're all fired!

    They use AI to scientifically "taste" beers and develop new recipes quickly. It's not far fetched they could do the same with food.
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    What did you have for dinner?

    I had a basic parmesan risotto with a Himalayan pink sea salt, cumin, and peppercorn crusted pork tenderloin with a pan jus and roasted fall vegetables. Simple and delicious.
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    Breaded chicken held for 36 hours - Safety concern?

    If you have to bread them beforehand, I'd par cook them in oil to crisp the breading and finish off in a high temp oven but chicken parm is so easy to cook to order, I don't understand why you'd do that unless you have a huge party. I can bread 100 chicken breasts in about 15 minutes if they're...
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    Currently boiling down a beef stock, after advice.

    There's a million things you can do with a good stock. Soups, gravy, jus, one of my favorites is a Bourdalaise sauce.
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    Looking for Chef business partner

    Where are you located?
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    Simple tasty meals for the campfire?

    If you're not going to be hiking for miles, bring your cast iron and then pretty much anything goes.
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    What's your Go to Knife ?

    I've been eyeballing a few Damascus knives lately, I've yet to actually use one but they sure are pretty. All the reviews seem like they are great knives that hold an edge for a long time.
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    California has a million service jobs to fill. If you can hook up with a large corporation like Aramark, Hyatt, etc. there could be great opportunities to be had.
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    What is your favorite brand of cooking equipment? Can you share why?

    Vulcan is fairly reliable and quality for a reasonable price.
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    What is the best way to inherit knowledge from a more experienced chef?

    I always like when an aspiring chef asks me the whys of the techniques to truly learn and understand. Many people know the hows but transfer them to inappropriate applications simply because they never thought to ask why. Not all chefs like to share that information all the time but if you're...
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    Executive chef

    You are the manager of the entire operation from menu design and costing, training the prep cooks, the line, the sous, and should be heavily involved with the FOH system implementations. You are the de facto "quarterback" of the team. All the criticism falls on you and all the praise should be...
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    Tips you wish you'd known when you first started cooking

    I wish I would have looked more into why certain flavors pair well together. I could have started coming up with some more diverse flavor profiles and dishes at an earlier age and could be even further in my career. I wish someone would have beat the phrase salt and pepper out of my brain. Not...
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    Turning a dying cafe around...

    I'm thinking the fact that there is no seating is the most glaring issue. I'm not taking my family to a cafe where we won't be able to sit down and enjoy the meal. Is there any space for an outside patio area or anything similar? I know the kitchen is small but could the building be organized in...
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    What are making for Easter?

    Easter Bunny Back Ribs. :-D
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