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    Simple bachelor looking to acquire bakeware. What 2-3 items do I need?

    "I cook very simple meals (roasted potatoes, salmon, chicken, vegetables, maybe the odd steak)." Cast iron skillet for all of those. It's like $15 for a lodge skillet.
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    Got my first Cai Dao (chinese veg cleaver). I hate it.

    No rocking. Push or pull cuts
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    MAC Chef knife as rust?????

    This advice is for removing the spots if you don't care what the finish looks like- sandpaper 1000+ grit. I have 3000 grit wet/dry paper that doesn't leave deep scratches but it's really not necessary. You can find 1500 at the hardware store easy and cheap
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    Got my first Cai Dao (chinese veg cleaver). I hate it.

    What kind of grip are you using? I use a peace sign grip. You should give this a read
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    Am I headed in the right direction?

    Put on a microbevel on one side at 45 degrees ish. I use a chinese cleaver for stuff like that, I find the wide blade helps with stability
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    wide body santoku

    55mm is the tallest one i've found
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    240mm gyuto recommendation

    Are you sure you want SG2? It's too chippy for me and I'm used to harder steels. For stainless clad carbon, consider some of these in your price range.
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    I hung a duck in the oven.

    How much fat does a duck drip? I want to try this on my smoker but I dont want to clean up so much grease.
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    Knives don't stay straight on magnetic block

    Bad design. Is it one long bar magnet? My magnetic block has rare earth magnets arranged in vertical pairs and it works great.
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    Looking for 240 mm Gyuto: I’ve been in the rabbit hole for 2 weeks

    I have a swedish steel it's pretty good depends on heat treat of course. Konosuke is a good brand so I'm sure it's fine. Konosuke is too narrow and lightweight for me I have a white steel one i rarely use. Might work for you if you're into the laser type knives.
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    Looking for 240 mm Gyuto: I’ve been in the rabbit hole for 2 weeks

    I was going to mention Wakui too. I personally like a tall blade with some weight. Some people like lasers. I'd say the tanaka blue is in the middle. You're shopping good vendors and makers so I think the biggest thing to look at is blade height and profile. Pick a shape that works for you or...
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    iHomeer Damascus AUS-10 8" Chefs

    Sounds like a good option for a guest / girlfriend knife. Interested in how it takes to stones.
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    do not get Misen. strongly not recommended
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    What is a better purchase than Zwilling or Shun?

    There's more to the story. Chipping depends on a lot of factors - The type of steel (some can handle higher hardness), how thin they ground it, the angle the edge is sharpened at, what you cut, what you cut on, how hard you push down 60 or 61 HRC is okay for me if it's made well and used as...
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    February Cooking Challenge: Stuffed!

    I'm alive! Bought a house and I've been busy renovating.. don't have a working oven right now. We'll see if I can get time to put something together for the smoker or deep fryer.
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