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    Looking for best knife value

    It sounds like Mac or Tojiro would probably be your best bet if you're on a tight budget and want to step into Japanese steel. Korin's sister website is running a 10% off sale right now to inaugurate their new website design. They offer Tojiro amongst others. The website is...
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    Cow brains recipes??

    BDL is absolutely correct. Even if I personally knew the cow and know it had never been fed anything which might even remotely contain animal byproducts, I wouldn't use the brains. Lamb or goat would be a better choice, although again, if it's not from an organic animal, I'd be somewhat leery...
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    What's the standard poussin weight?

    It's pretty much about the same as a cornish game hen which is usually right around a pound. When I lived in Portland, we used to get them from Nicky USA in SE Portland. They were usually within an ounce plus or minus of one pound.
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    Knife Roll Recommendations?

    The Koobi is a really good option, particularly if you can find a deal on one. Otherwise, a simple Messermeister soft bag is a good inexpensive option. As for blade protectors, the only time a blade shouldn't have a protector is when you're using it. It's far safer for both the blade and the...
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