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    Holding BBQ - is it wrong?

    You could always change the menu. One of my favourite things to bbq are braised meats. I braise it. And after that I portion it and bbq just what I need. Or just buy smaller cuts that dont need to cook for long. Last week I barbequed tomahawk pork chops. They look great on a plate taste good...
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    Do you like to use a electric grinder, or Mortar/Pestle?

    I use both. Cheap coffee grinder for hard stuff. Fennil seeds cinnamon etc. Mortar for softer stuff. Or for fun. I always liked the mortar.
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    Is it wrong that I'm more nervous than excited about first restaurant job? Is this really for me?

    I'm not the typical macho chef either. And no not a 100% of my time is spend working in or thinking about my job. Honestly you shouldn't worry about how other people do their job or view you. You need to find your own way. Do I get nervous? Sure. But I take that as something positive. I've been...
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    Need first time sharpening advice

    For starters you could try the mouse pad technique. Get some wet n dry Sandpaper. watch some you tube videos on the subject. And strop ;) The initial investment is low. But in the long run stones are both cheaper and better/more fun. And you'll learn another valuable sharpening technique...
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    Help me choose a knife.

    Do you use an ulo for cooking in Alaska? We have them in Greenland as well but we never use them for cooking. Traditionally they were used for seals. They are designed for cutting things on the ground while standing. Mikael
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    I need help with an italian breakfast menu

    Well that makes it easier :) So it's in valencia :) Italian restaurant in Spain with Italian inspired American breakfast :) Italian breakfast is usually pretty light compared to a lot of other countries. But if it's Italian inspired you can pretty much do what you want. Think good sausage...
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    So no steeling western style j knives?

    I reread your post. Do you only need a finishing stone?
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    I need help with an italian breakfast menu

    Do you want an Italian menu or an Italian inspired menu? And from which part of Italy do your future employer come from? And where are you located? what crowd will you be cooking for? Mikael
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    So no steeling western style j knives?

    I have used a super stone for vg10 but only a 1k grit stone. Worked alright but the stone's a little soft. For a finishing stone you'll need something in the 5k range. A cheaper alternative is a king combination stone. A 1-4k combi stone and an diamond stoneat around 300 grit for flattening and...
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    Two thermometers, two different readings

    Place the thermometers in boiling water. Which ever thermometer is closest to a 100°c is the right one. Mikael
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    Chicken Chopping Knife.

    When I worked in a hotel we used to make rotisserie chickens and what I used to cut through the bones were a victorinox bread knife. Worked perfectly. Mikael
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    hattori knives in uk.any advice?

    There's a swedish online store that have the HD series. I know it's not the uk. But still in the eu ;) email them and ask about shipping to the UK. For the kd series I have no idea. Maybe ebay or the buy/sell section at kitchenknife forums? Mikael
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    So no steeling western style j knives?

    What steel are you sharpening?
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    Interviewer Never Shows Up For Interview!

    Don't worry I think you did the right thing. I once had a similar experience. Had an interview with a restaurant. Shoved up and talked to the head chef. But then 20 minutes after that he remembered he had an appointment with a journalist. So he just left he there. Left me for a hour with...
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    Would this Steel be suitable for a Shun chefs knife?

    I had that steel once. Well actually I had two of them. One of them broke when droppet and I gave the other away. They work but are pretty coarse. And I only paid around 50$ for mine. So I wouldn't recommend it. But if you want it get it somewhere else for cheaper. For a ceramic steal or rod...
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