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    Variation on chicken Marsala - what do you think??

    What a lovely recipe you have there. i would suggest you, before deglacing the pan with the wine, to make a brown stock instead of using the chicken stock. You can make a brown stock with chicken bones. In a pan, make a sturgion, with olive oil, garlic, burned onions, leek, carrot, and let it...
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    Compiling ingredients database - is this a good idea?

    This project is my hobby, i work as a cook for almost 10 years now. At the moment i am a cook in a  five star resort. I dont understand why you say that. This is just a way for me to keep gastronomy around me a few more hours each day.
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    Question on Roasting a Chicken

    To prevent blood in the chicken, i dont pre-heat the oven. I put it like 45 to 50 minutes at 185º C. If you are making a butterfly cut, you should try to cut the chicken in half after you make the butterfly cut. Then you seal each half of the chicken in a pan with oil. but it should be a fast...
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    are eggs "sur la plat", "shirred eggs" and "eggs en cocotte" the same?

    Hi, Shirred eggs is the texture name of the baked eggs. Cocotte eggs is the name that we give to eggs baked in a cocotte. So they are all the same. If you search for "cocotte" on google you will find out that cocotte is only the place where we put the eggs in, so we call them cocotte eggs...
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    Compiling ingredients database - is this a good idea?

    I would like to ask permission to any moderator or admin to start a new and official thread where i will be posting every information about the progress of the project. It will have all the project goals, their progress, and some adicional information. I would like to be able to make wekkly...
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    basil puree

    For enhancing the flavour i would choose, olive oil, black pepper, parmesan cheese, garlic and salt. You can use potato to make the body of the puree or you can just make it only with basil if you want to use it just as decoration. By the way, why dont you make a pesto sauce? i can get you the...
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    To cook or not.....?

    I understand your situation, but, is it worth the experience you get? Is it worth the time that you dont use with your partner? Is it better than having 2 jobs full-time where you can learn 2 types of services? Will it give you the chance to get promoted in the company? I wouldnt cook in those...
  8. What do I do with these?

    What do I do with these?

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    What do I do with these?

    Squash are divided into two groups, summer and winter; summer because they are eaten early in an immature state, winter because when they are ripe with a good hard shell, they will last well into winter when stored in a temperate (50° F to 55° F) dry place. There are many varieties of summer...
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    To cook or not.....?

    I presume that you work in a restaurant. In restaurants the work is harder, you have less cooks, so you need to make more hours.. In hotels, pretty much everything is already standart, you have a lot more cooks than a restaurant and you can easly do just your 45 hours. The tricky part that i...
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    Compiling ingredients database - is this a good idea?

    Here is a picture of on of the ingredient information on excel. Remember, this is not my final place to store or work the database, excel will be used to simplify the work of inserting data. I tried mastercook before and it doesnt give me more flexebility to work with the information. I can...
  13. Database Excel Example.jpg

    Database Excel Example.jpg

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    Compiling ingredients database - is this a good idea?

    As i said, first i will insert the information on excel. After that i can copy paste the information to anywhere. Excel will give me a huge help when i start working with food cost and menu engeneering.
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