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    Sam the Cooking Guy, Part Deux! Knife Connoisseurs Must Watch!

    It says.... He loves to hear himself talk Hes wiliing to instruct amateurs how to sharpen knives when he knows next to nothing about it. He just staggers his way thru videos on subs hes not particularly good or trained at. I think healthy ego is a suitable phrase here. And yet...... he's watchable.
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    Has Anyone Ever Seen This Guy Before?

    Contrary to my earlier remark and upon deeper reflection, the fact he lacks real training /experience and doesn't exhibit even common sense food handling for potentially dangerous foods like chicken, yet runs successful restaurants doesnt surprise me, as I've seen it before. In fact, as a Sous I...
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    Has Anyone Ever Seen This Guy Before?

    Hard to believe hes a successful restauranteur. If so...I find him kinda refreshing...and down to earth.
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    28 YR OLD Chef experiencing burnout, job expects too much, looking for alternative and some insight? (CALLING ALL CHEFS)

    I dont see any reason you should expect or accept a pay cut if you change jobs. I might suggest you try to get a somewhat comparable salary for a reduced number of days/hours more in line with what you want. Which seems reasonable to me considering you have the recent skills and experience to...
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    Side salad...where to put the dressing?

    200 portion cups will only take up a couple of hotel pans. I cant agree with it being moot, as I said I think anything that can be done, to whatever degree you can do it will help. I also think if a buffet is to be implemented it should definitely be as little self service as possible. Goes...
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    Side salad...where to put the dressing?

    Under the current pandemical circumstances I think the portion cup idea is a sound one. In fact I would apply it to the buffet service as much as possible as well. The more items you can make self contained and "grab-n-go" and eliminate "community condiments" the safer its gonna be for...
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    Being a chef

    Its a calling. Like becoming a doctor or lawyer. Now Indian chief....I dunno.
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    First Time Banquet Event for Birthday Party

    Thats an awesome post Virgil. Flesh it out a bit and you'll have like a mini book on catering! A few thoughts, I concur that 15 per head is too low for a full on meal for 100, regardless of specific incurrances, even more so as buffet service, and especially that its chicken. I also think 50...
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    Mac and Cheese

    Late to the party here, but the same thing happens with alfredo sauce, whether its with pasta or not. It thickens with time, you have to thin it out with milk or thin sauce, just like making oatmeal in batches.
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    I have a question

    i see the ultimate goal here is to entice more parents to comeb back to YOUR restaurant, vs someone elses. IMO, providing a few ...certifiably...healthy child entrees could do just that. Sure it seems contradictory, but its really not--I can think of many people who would feel better about...
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    The new "Normal" for us all....

    "Every night on my local cable news I'm subjected to this twit, standing in the middle of nowhere giving a report, wearing a mask and blue gloves." There is a word for that within the television news media industry.... DRAMA! The restaurant i was working in was already sanitising menus and...
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    This one got missed apoarently. Due to the delay I'll stay brief. Being sure everyone does things right, is pretty straight foward , though lacks specifics. Find out whats exactly being done wrong, and discover these facts before your bosses do., "keeping an eye on everyone" is ambiguous and...
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    Serving 350 people.

    Tough call, given how youre having to do it. The way I kept hash browns for large groups from drying out over long periods is by not making anywhere near dry hashbrowns in the first place.
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    Head count dropped over 50%

    IMO the good news is that the contract isnt signed, so theres nothing to void. Simply hand the client a new proposal for the 40 guests, not taking into account any previous proposal. Ignore it, and dont allow the client to bring it into the discussion of the new proposal. If they insist...
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    Cherry Fluff

    In my experience, you can refreeze whipped desserts, but they sometimes lose their "fluff, you may have to rewhip it. Depends on how big your fruit chunks are I suppose, as to how well that will work with your C.F. if you have to refluff, prob use a fine wire whip.
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