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    The new "Normal" for us all....

    "Every night on my local cable news I'm subjected to this twit, standing in the middle of nowhere giving a report, wearing a mask and blue gloves." There is a word for that within the television news media industry.... DRAMA! The restaurant i was working in was already sanitising menus and...
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    This one got missed apoarently. Due to the delay I'll stay brief. Being sure everyone does things right, is pretty straight foward , though lacks specifics. Find out whats exactly being done wrong, and discover these facts before your bosses do., "keeping an eye on everyone" is ambiguous and...
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    Serving 350 people.

    Tough call, given how youre having to do it. The way I kept hash browns for large groups from drying out over long periods is by not making anywhere near dry hashbrowns in the first place.
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    Head count dropped over 50%

    IMO the good news is that the contract isnt signed, so theres nothing to void. Simply hand the client a new proposal for the 40 guests, not taking into account any previous proposal. Ignore it, and dont allow the client to bring it into the discussion of the new proposal. If they insist...
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    Cherry Fluff

    In my experience, you can refreeze whipped desserts, but they sometimes lose their "fluff, you may have to rewhip it. Depends on how big your fruit chunks are I suppose, as to how well that will work with your C.F. if you have to refluff, prob use a fine wire whip.
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    "Non refundable deposit"

    Im curious what your deposit amount stemmed from, like a flat fee vs precentage of the event, etc. Our deposit to hold an event date was either based on a percentage of the final OTD price, or specifically designed to cover food cost and other purchases for their event. If their event was...
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    A new adventure begins

    Good to hear youre putting youself back in production Chef. Though I sense it might be a little below your skill set :-) theyre lucky to have you and if its rewarding to you, all is good!
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    Controlling Food Waste in Kitchens

    Management was recently concerned about table knives disappearing, and have installed magnetic trashcan covers, especially sanitation station as you would expect. Has a chute with a huge magnet underneath, catches flat ware and ferrous utinsels dead in their tracks. Kinda awkward depending on...
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    Food quantity help needed

    Finger sandwhiches always seem to go faster than we figger, especially at meal times and especially with a light soup. Youre providing 3 types, most people want to try all 3 and 2 of one they like. Fingers are usually half sandwhiches, so thats 1.5 to 2 full sands per person or 3 to 4 halves...
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    Carbon steel vs cast iron?

    Well thats true about warpage, to a point, as a lot of carbons, like traditional woks, are pretty thin. But woks funnel to a narrow bottom which keeps that to a minimum, A straight skillet or saute pan is more prone. However, at least one manufacturer must be aware of the problem, as the one...
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    Carbon steel vs cast iron?

    Carbon steel heats up faster, cools down faster, is way lighter, much less likley to be damaged, say from dropping, (well there goes THAT handle) and in my opinion, cokks more evenly and is easier to maintain. I love carbon steel, Ive had many stainless, non stick and alluminum pans come and...
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    Can prepare Pancake Batter a day ahead for service?

    Take it out of the fridge 30 mins before use, let it come up to temp and rise a bit, this will relax gluten and make for fluffy pancakes, which most people seem to prefer.
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    Rec 35% Deposit but client stalling signing contract

    Well, posting on someones profile page can also be mistaken for PMing, under the new system it's kinda easy to do.
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    Rec 35% Deposit but client stalling signing contract

    Well I believe this has been resolved to a degree (see HalBs profile page) but good point Chef Billy about the head count. If that did end up being the case, if a potential client was genuinely worried about having a guaranteed count, there are ways to compromise. One is to tell them you'll...
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    Rec 35% Deposit but client stalling signing contract

    Must agree, theyre pulling something, and have possibly done it before. And if they HAVE your contract in their hands, and wont sign, thats even more conclusive to me. As to the stalling, I suspect its more like gettingyou to do the dinner before youre fully paid, which you never will be...
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