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    What's a good way to cook a lamb leg?

    Yeah, me too. I would guess it's principled in leaching the flavor out with the boil, then retaining and putting it back in even more concentrated with the reduced glace.
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    What are your biggest cooking mistakes that others can learn from?

    My spousal sitting next me when I read this, I casually turned to her and asked, "I havent really made any big cooking mistakes have I? she replied, "No...nothing stands out.... wait, there is the fact that several times youve set my dish towels and potholders on fire, and youve melted a few...
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    A co-worker wedding...HELP! Need advice

    Did you say this was for 30 people? Im with others here and especially Loomchick. Of ALL the types of catering events you can do--high school sports or formal events, backyard get togethers, birthdays, funerals, corporate meetings, etc, weddings are by FAR the most challenging. Because even when...
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    Authentic Mexican Food

    I cooked a year in an Arizona Mexican restaurant, til Covid hit. It was a total mix of some authentic, Americanized, and "convenienced" items for cost and time reductions, like bagged stuff from Sisco etc. Enchiladas for instance, were 6" corn tortillas, from a grocery store. Dipped, filled...
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    Question about Asian Rest BOH OPS

    Greetings guys. As many here know, I've cooked/prepped in several restaurants over the years, including american, italian, mexican, QSR, banquets, catering, etc. One I havent done (professionally I mean) is Asian cooking. I learned all of those in a few weeks in the kitchen I was working in...
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    Mac and Cheese

    You keep it from sticking by transporting it in a certain amount of water. Keeps it hot, but not enuf to cook further. Once on site, drain most of it, but still leave some water in, serve with slotted spoon or tongs.
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    Food ideas for a baby shower!?

    Haha.... "Worst baby shower EVER! Everyone was drinkin and getting high on catered rum balls and partying while I was out-to-HERE! I was miserable. Wahhh!" Just sayin.... :p
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    Food ideas for a baby shower!?

    Unclear as to the setting. First, 60 is a LARGE baby shower. Normally, even that size Id do elegant appetizers, but finger food nonetheless, given the normal logistics of that type of event. But you want main, so is it sit down on tables, with a buffet action-station? If so, that time of year...
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    Pricing up used fixtures & fittings from a restaurant (how much?)

    If its been in service more than 3 or 4 years, I'd pass. Theres just too much out there right now.
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    Sam the Cooking Guy, Part Deux! Knife Connoisseurs Must Watch!

    It says.... He loves to hear himself talk Hes wiliing to instruct amateurs how to sharpen knives when he knows next to nothing about it. He just staggers his way thru videos on subs hes not particularly good or trained at. I think healthy ego is a suitable phrase here. And yet...... he's watchable.
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    Has Anyone Ever Seen This Guy Before?

    Contrary to my earlier remark and upon deeper reflection, the fact he lacks real training /experience and doesn't exhibit even common sense food handling for potentially dangerous foods like chicken, yet runs successful restaurants doesnt surprise me, as I've seen it before. In fact, as a Sous I...
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    Has Anyone Ever Seen This Guy Before?

    Hard to believe hes a successful restauranteur. If so...I find him kinda refreshing...and down to earth.
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    28 YR OLD Chef experiencing burnout, job expects too much, looking for alternative and some insight? (CALLING ALL CHEFS)

    I dont see any reason you should expect or accept a pay cut if you change jobs. I might suggest you try to get a somewhat comparable salary for a reduced number of days/hours more in line with what you want. Which seems reasonable to me considering you have the recent skills and experience to...
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    Side salad...where to put the dressing?

    200 portion cups will only take up a couple of hotel pans. I cant agree with it being moot, as I said I think anything that can be done, to whatever degree you can do it will help. I also think if a buffet is to be implemented it should definitely be as little self service as possible. Goes...
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    Side salad...where to put the dressing?

    Under the current pandemical circumstances I think the portion cup idea is a sound one. In fact I would apply it to the buffet service as much as possible as well. The more items you can make self contained and "grab-n-go" and eliminate "community condiments" the safer its gonna be for...
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