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    Sharpening Steel

    Well, it just means that it works. I have had a regular one and tried a lot of them, I have a Diamond one and it is better. Thats it. Have you ever used one? What don't you like about it? What means "abrasive"? :smiles:
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    Sharpening Steel

    Why not a Diamond Steel? They work much better than the regular ones... I have a Wuesthoff, it just rocks! :chef:
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    German Delicatessen

    Hi Phatch, do you know the "Brezeln" from the Oktoberfest? There you go! I don't really miss any kind of German stuff here, but i would kill for a good, fresh Pretzel... It's an addiction! *******.... Breakfast without it is a sin...:bounce: A warm one with a bit of Butter... Or with...
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    German Delicatessen

    Tell me when you are opening, I'll be there! Why a German Deli? Are you from there? Do you have enough experience with that? A few more explanation would be cool to reply... I don't really get why you posted.... Or what you want to hear... If you sell good "Laugengebaeck" and Bread, not like...
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    Fine Cutlery!!

    Looks cheap to me... I won't go with these Knifes. Found on Wikipedia: CUTCO is a brand of cutlery and kitchen accessories directly marketed to customers through in-home consultations with sales representatives who are usually college-aged. Cutco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Neil...
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    Pep Talk

    Hi! How long are you in the Place where you actually work? Maybe you are just tired of that place. I always have that feeling after one to two years at the same job. I'm starting to get a routine and fall into it- doing the same things over and over, creativity gets lower and lower... Change...
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    The Fat is not the only indicator for the Quality of Butter, but it's important-the amount of Butterfat in the finished product is the Key. In the USA, all products sold as Butter must contain a minimum of 80% Butterfat. In Europe Butter generally have a higher content like up to 85% Butterfat...
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    3 Must-Have Ingredients in your kitchen

    What is EVO? :confused: - Rice (long Grain or Aborio) - Garlic (a lot) - some kind of meat/seafood :crazy: (Thanks god there is a garden with all the nice fresh herbs, so I didn't have to choose between Garlic and Herbs...)
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    Santoku Knife

    Right, but it depends on how you define (does this word exist?) Long... I had one from Wuesthoff, and I worked just a year or so (shorter, I think) with it, then the edge got into the Kullen. I spent something like 80- 90 Euro for that (something like 140 Bucks), and it lasted less than a Year...
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    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper -- what are you cooking?

    I'm making Tortillas filled with ground Beef, Onions, Beans, Rice and Cheese. Everything in a hot :bounce:Bell- Pepper Sauce. Not the big thing, but I'm off today and I like easy-to-cook things then, specially if it's just for me... And for some reason I couldn't think about anything else than...
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    Santoku Knife

    Hi Guy's! for me there is no big difference between a Chefs Knife and a Santuko. I use the Chefs more for Big size cuttings and the Santuko for small Cutting. But that is just because I use the big blade of the Santuko as a spaddle, to pick up what I cuttet and put it from the board to a...
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    Hi! Thank you Guys. I looked around the Cutlery shops here a little bit, but no one is selling these knifes- first I don't spent so much for a Knife that I had never held in my hands and for second they are even too small. It's just... they look some kind of hot... and they are exotic, nobody...
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    Did anyone from here work/worked with these Knifes? I'm looking out for a few Knifes right now, but I never heard of this Brand before. The only Information I found was this: Fallkniven Cutlery There is a little more to find, but it seems to me that these people never really worked with this...
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    Hi everyone!

    As advised, I say Hello here first....:roll: I found this Forum a little time ago and read here very often, liked it a lot- so why not register and be part of it? I am from Germany so be patient if my English is not perfect, I work on it... Always looked for a nice forum to communicate with...
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