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    Oven advice - deck or convection?

    if you have an oven in your home kitchen, it is a deck oven. One big tick in the +list column for Deck Oven should be cost.
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    Oven advice - deck or convection?

    That is what the old know-it-alls used to say. I can tell you that I made beautiful dessert souffles for years in a convection oven. HAVE THE EQUIPMENT Be well-equipped with technology tools. -- To do good work, one must have good tools. That Chinese proverb sums it up well. ---A bad worker...
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    Oven advice - deck or convection?

    Convection oven. Its design and logic is much better for heat transfer.
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    Tattoos in the kitchen

    Do you think that you are now a unique and special person because of your appearance with entitlements and the rest that goes with the shine-the-light-on-me-crowd? If so, don't worry be happy.
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