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    New Everyday Knives

    Hi, Would take Global the only problem is the handle, not every one like them, some prefer wooden handle.
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    Help buying a new chef knife

    Real work horse will be Masamoto VG, good stainless, edge retension, profile. 240mm ( 9.4 inch) is about 190$ at ( shipping included )70/30 edge, OOB sharppnes is not good, you would need to sharppen it prior using but it would be real step up from Wusthof
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    Three Fave Knife Brands

    Hi all, Masamoto vg Misono 440 Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef Best OOB sharpness is Masahiro MV-H, really really sharp !
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    Love kitchen knives and cooking

    Hi ! No problem here u go ;-)
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  8. Love kitchen knives and cooking

    Love kitchen knives and cooking

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    Love kitchen knives and cooking

    Hi all, I have been reading post at this website for a long time now, Japanese chef knives is my hobby and I love to cook at home. I really like this site for all the information I could find and share here. BDL and lots of other members had a great threads regarding Japanese knives, so I...
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    What can you tell me about this Masahiro knife from William Sonoma

    Hello to all, Regarding the Masahiro MV-H. I both this 210mm at, the knife very lightweight and thin, 2mm at the spine. It feels brittle because of his weight, I have a 240mm Masamoto that feels a lot more butchers knife. Overall good stainless, good geometry, very sharp OOB...
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