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    Has anyone purchased from Honcho knife and can you give me feedback in the Masamoto Honkasumi tamash

    Chtis, Mark from chef knives to go told me he had heard they were discontinuing the ks line. Most sites are out of stock as well. i have read some very positive reviews on the KS line and have wantes to phrchase.
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    Best way to sharpen Shun Classics?

    I use the Shun 1000/6000 stone and it gives me a razors edge every time.
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    New 240mm Masamoto KS gyuto

    Thanks Million, and I should have specified Masamoto KS 240mm Wa Gyuto. I started with Shun Classics and have not had any complaints, but am feeling ready to really start getting into Japanese hand crafted knives. I am looking for a western styled Jap with a 50/50 edge that is not machine made...
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    Silly question, but is the term saute pan simply an abbreviated version of the word Sautuese pan?

    I was having a convo with a cook friend and he was pretty convinced that a saute pan was actually a skillet and that a Sauteuse pan HAD to have an almost bowl shape to it. The CIA Student handbook was my reference and it indicated that a saute pan is a sauteuse.
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