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    Cleveland and Springfield, somebody?

    If you are willing, I let you here all the information about the event: "Oktoberfest is a two day event filled with games, music, and beer. Get a taste of Germany right here in Springfield! All proceeds from this event go directly to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield." Hope we can see you...
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    Cleveland and Springfield, somebody?

    Hello to all!! Well, my partner and I are currently planning visit again Cleveland and I was hoping to get some feedback from those who live.  I'm planning a surprise, he is photographer, and this trip we want to make some good pictures of us. We are making a hole list of beautiful points that...
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    Asada Marinade recipe

    It all depends on the meat burning, It is really common that marine meat losses the flavored cus the cooking time spent more than necessary 
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    Just reminding the Eat Drink SF

    So, the day is getting close, hoping some can join us, or giving your thought about it, we would like to know if there is some other similar too. Here is what we got:   Event: Eat Drink SF Date: August 25 – 28, 2016 Where: Fort Mason, SF. Getting on: shuttle to lax agencies, SD transportation...
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    Chile Rellenos fusion

    Try using ingredients from the sea, like shrimp, marlin, octopus, clams, seaweed, will be delicious, even making a fusion with eel sauce, it will make a totally different recipe
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    Carbon-Steel knife care

    In my family we use a whetstone of WÜSTHOF that it is a combination of various abrasive grits, also makes us believe we are more craft :P
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    Chocolate in Chili????

    Okey, if you want to keep the chili taste, you need to select the right kind of chocolate, there some specific type of chocolate use in mole (a Mexican dish that goes with chicken), I'll recommend plain chocolate is not that sweet and it gives your recipes a great body and color.
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    My lemongrass tastes like hay

    Check out this great article, it might not be the exact answer, but  maybe it helps
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    Does cooked pasta go bad?

    About 3 days in the fridge
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    There's something about cucumbers

    You definitely have to try cucumbers water!!! My wife family is half latin, and cucumbers freshwater is never missing in summer meetings. This is a great recipe, check it out
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    question about coffee

    Why don't you try it by yourself, it will be an interesting experiment. 
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    Just reminding the Eat Drink SF

    Hello, Hi everyone! We are so excited because we are attending for first time to this event! My wife and I have a small cooking business of Italian food delivery. This will be our first time in San Francisco. A friend told us about it and we are finding this as a opportunity to increase our...
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    Is there anything wrong with my oven?

    Is everything about in what condition the chicken is before you putting it in the oven, try, if it have been a long time in the refrigerator, take the time to regulate to the room temperature
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    What did you have for dinner?

    Also, for the days of post-workout, most of the time I try to eat something with chicken and vegetables, Chicken sausage over whole wheat penne pasta with tomato sauce & broccoli is my favorite.
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    What did you have for dinner?

    Most of the time we eat some legumes before sleeping. Black, navy, lima, kidney, or pinto beans provides half of the suggested daily intake of tryptophan. Dishes like lentils are my family fav dinner.
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