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    Hello from the San Francisco Bay area

    I was so happy when I discovered this web site.  My short time using it has been fun and rewarding.  I have been an avid amateur chef for many years.  I love to cook and to host dinner parties for my friends.  My style of cooking is very varied, but most Mediterranean for our everyday meals and...
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    How to keep herbs fresh for longer use ??

    thyme, oregano and sage are easy to grow too.  If you have yard, rosemary grows into a rather nice bush, but needs trimming from time to time.  I also grow lovage and sorrel.   
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    what is the worst thing a server can do to make you mad?

    I don't like it when the server asks "Do you want pepper on that?"  How do I know, I haven't had a chance to taste it.  And it seems if it needs pepper it should be added in the kitchen.  Bad timing.  All at the table should be served at the same time.  Same with bringing sequential courses...
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    kitchen scales to 0.01 grams

    Thanks Kokopuffs. Very helpful  
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    What is your most memorable dining experience?

    Coleen S:  I agre that The Grand Vefour in Paris is really great!  I agree with Coleen.  The first time I went there was ages ago when Raymond Oliver was the executive chef.  A frogs leg soufflee stood out as really remarkable.  I've been back twice since Guy Martin took over and really liked...
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    kitchen scales to 0.01 grams

    thanks Kokopuffs.  I have an Oxo scale too which I really like down to about 5 g, which serves most purposes.  I've played around with weights in the range of 1 g and I find the reproducibility not so good, which is why I want one with better resolution, since  few things I weigh require...
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    kitchen scales to 0.01 grams

    Can anyone recommend a scale, for small amounts, that is accurate to 0.01 grams (0.1 grams may be good enough).  Thanks
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    Review by 'mamelok' on item 'Vita-Mix 1700 Turbo Blend 4500 Countertop Blender with 2+ HP Motor'

    This blender is a fabulous machine.  I makes the best smoothies, purees of all kinds, milkshakes, and smooth soups.  It is powerful.  Not as versatile as a food processor but for pureeing it beats my two cuisinarts hands down.  As a juicer, for pulpy items such as carrots, one has to strain the...
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    What is your most memorable dining experience?

    I was invited to give a lecture in Monte Carlo about 10 years ago.  I arrived from California after traveling for about 18 hours but got to the  hotel feeling surprisingly awake and energetic.  I asked the concierge what he thought the odds were of getting a table for 1 at Ducasse's restaurant...
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    What Is The Most Essential Book?

    Of course it depends on what style of cooking  you want.  I agree with others that Joy of Cooking is a very good all around basic cookbook.  For technique, Jacques Pepin wrote two books a long time ago, La Technique and La Methode (there are English versions).  These are probably out of print...
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    The French Laundry vs. Bouchon - Technique

    I have had the French Laundry Cookbook from when it first came out.  It is for the serious and experienced home chef, but the recipes work well.  As with all recipes, ultimately it comes down to the tastes of the chef, and tasting as one goes is essential in any case.   Having eaten at both Per...
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