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    Large Recipes?

    Do you use formulas? Once a recipe is in formula you can convert your own formulas or favorites up or down to suit your needs. 
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    Egg white powder in Italian Buttercream

    Pasturized egg whites, frozen or refrigerated, work well for Butter Creams. No wasted yolks
  7. m brown

    Extend the freshness of cake doughnuts

    What is your packaging. It could be simple as that.
  8. m brown

    I can't brown in my oven.

    Few tips: Make sure you don't over handle the dough don't over flour the work surface bake at 400 F finished when the internal temperature of the bread is 200 - 206 F If you want more color, wash surface of dough with egg wash before baking
  9. m brown

    I can't brown in my oven.

    your bread is not hydrated enough to caramelize. add 10% more water at the start of your mix and make sure you ferment and proof long enough.
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    high-ratio cake problem

    also, when baking a flour based item, an internal temperature in the center should reach 197 - 201 f. even if it looks done, even if you stick in a toothpick. this will insure that it is fully dehydrated, coagulated, carmelized and gelatinized.
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    high-ratio cake problem

    The chocolate cake formula requires 32 oz of flour. I have spoken with the editor about this issue. make sure you use a cake flour - it is high ratio and can withstand the high fat/sugar called for in the formula.
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    Pareve Buttercream

    Sweetex should hold up beautifully. Try the above recipe and look up Toba Garrett there are several good formulas in her book. Can you use a meringue base for your butter cream?
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    biscuit help

    Rolled out and cut biscuits will give you a flaky product and look more professional and refined.
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    Any And All Professional Bakers -- Quantity Pie Crusts

    To scale your formula, make sure you are using bakers %'s basing the flour as 100%. Flour 100 % Fat  50% Liquid 25 % Salt 1 % That way you can base the formula on what you need or what you have and always get a consistant product. 100 shells should not be an issue for a professional...
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