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    Business Degree?

    totally off subject i know... but i like the beginning of your blog coolcook. I have one also, but needs be to updated. I= the suck at writing on it.
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    10 Second Question

    That's a good question... I will think on it.
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    Business Degree?

    I had originally planned to go to Culinary School, but decided to get a business degree instead. I am working on that now. I just figured the experience on the cook part would have to be something I taught myself anyway. My plan is to start my own business (restaurant) so I am going to start...
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    Hello from IOWA!!

    I am totally new to this forum. I totally like it though. A little about me... I currently work in management. Want to open my own restaurant someday. Not sure what kind of restaurant yet. There's just sooo many different kinds of food out there!! I am currently trying to develop and put...
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