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    Anbody have any good ideas for Marketing your Catering Company?

    Hi,  Your sister and you started a Company good suggestions on good Managment system.
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    Eg Long Term Storage

    I  also know.tell me  
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    what is CookBook Reviews?

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    hydroponics questions

    Hydroponics for horticultural crops as well as for fodder crops can be practised in india.
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    How is your garden doing?

    Last year I had a tremendous garden. After a rocky start trying to figure out how to build a raised bed garden, I bought organic soil and worm castings in bags to make up for lost time.I did use an organic vegetable fertilizer, but maybe I didn’t use enough… or I used too much.
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    Red snapper

    I m telling about the Red Snapper,   The red snapper commonly inhabits waters from 30–200 feet (9.1–61 m), but can be caught as deep as 300 ft (91 m) on occasion. A red snapper attains sexual maturity at 2–5 years old and an adult snapper can live for more than 50 years
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    Chef with food allergy

    I'm a chef that has developed - in the last 1 years - an allergy/intolerance to the allium family. The whole family: Mom, Dad, little Johnny, cousin Alice. Nothing personal, really.
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