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    You inspired me, So Another Chicken Meatball recipe

    Arrange artistically! :D :D Have you ever seen ground chicken at the grocery store? I remember seeing it a long time ago, don't know if it's a normal thing these days or not.
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    Tomato sauce help

    I purchase tomato "sauce" in an aseptic container from Costco. It's almost the perfect acidity for everything I do. But, a good sweet onion sauteed and sweated with a bit of color adds tons of flavor and brings some sweetness to your dish.
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    I'm kinda new here... but Where is everyone?

    I'm here, just not everyday.
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    Recommend a pastry bible

    It's been more than 20 years since I bought a pastry bible. It is 2021. What do you recommend?
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    Recommend a pastry bible

    Thanks. I just ordered them.
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    Hi Everybody

    There are so many steps. 1) Make the "curry." 2) Soak the rice. 2a) Make the boiling water for the rice. 2b) Boil the rice 3) Combine curry and rice, with a lot of fresh aromatics, and steam on stovetop until rice is done. In short, that is how you do it. But doing the first step...
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    Recommend a pastry bible

    It's been more than 20 years since I bought a pastry bible. It is 2021. What do you recommend?
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    The Grazing Table Trend

    What do you think of this trend? It's basically one big charcuterie board. Personally I am not a fan because you can't refresh it. I prefer trays. By the time 50 people go through it's a mess. Plus I prefer pate and terrine.
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    BBQ-RIBS ... TASTY! (video)

    That's how my MIL does it in the oven, sorta. She uses a dutch oven in place of the foil, no butter, not yesterday's coffee nor old beer though. She uses some water and cider vinegar and stuff.
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    Degustation meneu

    12 courses plus wine flight? That is a lot of wine even at a 3oz pour. I'm going to put down what I can come up with in no particular order. Rule #1 for wines is pour from lighter to heavier. Sauvignon Blanc -> Chardonnay -> Shiraz -> Cab -> dessert wine. And your courses follow along the...
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    A NEW VIDEO ... “SuperFake” ... Fake Burnt Ends ...

    All I can say is, expensive to use that cut no?
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    Restaurant funnies

    @leeniek and all remember this movie?
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    Crab Boil for 50 ppl

    Also remember it's easier to crack the claw if you stand it on its side. IOW not flat.
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    Crab Boil for 50 ppl

    Potatoes until blanched stage. Then corn and sausage together , then shellfish.
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    How much shrink can you expect after cooking a steak?

    So they guy was .1oz under, worst case scenario. Probably ordered it well done too, serves him right! ;)
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