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  • hi kristen welcome to CT

    the kitchen i work can be crazy too and more often than not there is never a dull moment definitely a great atmosphere to work in despite the pressure, the heat and ultimately high demanding nature of cooking, if you like and can handle all that you can go a long way :)

    Thanks, I like my avatar, too. It's better than everyone else's. Welcome to cheftalk, BTW. Have you had a chance to chek out the forums yet?

    I wrote a puff pastry recipe a long time ago, but don't think I have a copy. Because the stuff you can buy at the supermarket is so good, and so much more convenient I usually recommend buying it rather than making it.

    However, I gather you have to learn the scratch method.

    The formula and sequence I use are very similar to Jacque Pepin's. The version I'm linking you to has a reasonably good description of "how to," but it is a bit silly.

    If you have problems, let me know.

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