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    What are the best herbs for a French Omelet?

    Today I made an omelette with two eggs slightly mixed with salt, 1 1/2 tsp chervil and a TBS of half and half. The resulting flavor of chervil was subtle and bordered on tasting like tarragon. Chervil is really a mild herb to almost be used alone imho but this is my first real experience using it.
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    Heaven on Earth

    Hey Junior, when's the last time you tasted a real taco. Well here goes. Fry some choriso in lard along with some minced jalapenos, habaneros, mexican oregano and ACCENT. Alongside of the meat, fry corn tortillas in lard as well. Combine and add diced tomatos, mexican (aka Ceylon) cinnamon...
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    Cancer patient nutrition

    Also I should have mentioned that eating a combination of grains plus legumes provides all of the essential AA's should one decide to go vegetarian.
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    Pecan pralines using aluminum cookware

    Okay so aluminum will discolor a dairy mixture. ,,,another good reason for using SS.
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    Hanger Steak ...

    I'd look at using Walkers Woods Jerk Seasoning on your meat. It'll make you drip with sheer delight.
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    December Cooking Challenge 2019 -- Cured Meats

    I need to learn how to toast bread, Butzy. And I like Iberico stuff. Also checkout an eastern European website called FABKO:
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    Pecan pralines using aluminum cookware

    Okay YOUR EXPERIENCE is just what I wanted to read. Experience and not speculation. Thank you. And now I'll go out and purchase another another stainless pot for making pralines. Mmmmm mmmmm. A new toy. @nicko I did not receive any notification on Seoul Food's post that preceeds this one...
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    Cancer patient nutrition

    Those "AA's that the body usually lacks..." are actually essential amino acids, AA's that the body can't make on its own.
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    Cancer patient nutrition

    At chiropractic college I took a nutrition class and also taught at my local community college for several years where my syllabus included at least four weeks of nutrition instruction.
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    Not receiving notifications on my threads and messages to me

    How do I fix this issue and I've clicked the boxes underneath my posts? Also my spam filter is not the issue.
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    Pecan pralines using aluminum cookware

    SAVEUR MAGAZINE, I just received its twenty-fifth anniversary edition and it features a recipe for pecan pralines. Is there some reason that stainless was selected for cookin up a batch? Is there some reason that I could not or should not use an aluminum pan for cooking the recipe? Is the recipe...
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    Le Chocolat Marta from Switzerland

    A few years ago my sister gave to me said product from Switzerland but it appears, from their website, next to impossible to get or sent to the U.S. I'd be grateful if someone could provide some assistance in my getting a bag of this powder.
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    Carbon steel vs cast iron?

    + + + 1 ^ ^ ^
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    My wok is rusting like crazy!?!

    Never NEVER place CI nor CS in the dishwasher. Always hand wash.
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    Carbon steel vs cast iron?

    Carbon steel may give the meat a better sear without over cooking in the center. CS seems to hold less heat than CI. Now think of traditional woks, they're made of CS and give the ingredients a great sear without over cooking them in the center.
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