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    The long road back

    Former chiro here. Are you doing any physical therapy for the shoulder like walking you fingers up the wall????? Ask your MDs about physical therapy and if it's in store for you at this point.
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    I'm kinda new here... but Where is everyone?

    Many members I suspect have migrated to social media.
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    Cinnamon in beef stew?

    The cinnamon to use is "mexican" aka Ceylon cinnamon and just a tiny pinch to give it that je ne sais quoi. Saigon cinnamon is too strong and sharply flavored.
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    Bones for stock inquiry

    @riffwraith I find that the addition of a couple of pig's feet (not pickled) to the mix adds a generous amount of natural gelatin.
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    problem with cleaning copper pot

    @yasdaz I simply wash my Mauviel in hot soap and water and don't bother with polishing. I prefer the blue patina as it were.
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    How much shrink can you expect after cooking a steak?

    The meat contracts because heat shrinks collagen, When you burn to death, your arms assume the "preacher's position" because of this and other things. The world is 70% water, and your body is 70% water. So expect weight loss with cooking.
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    Question on cherry filling

    Here is a recipe for cherry filling that calls for "8 cups sour cherries". Are these the typical cherries I see at the supermarket????
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    Need a food processor

    Scheisste I'm looking at this one:.
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    Need a food processor

    ...for making the occasional pate and sausage from pork. I was advised to get a Cuisinart food processor instead of that attachment for my Hobart N50 mixer as the former is easier to clean. I'm looking at the Cuisinart DLC-10SYP1. Recommendations please.
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    Mauviel and Bourgeat Copper Cleaning

    I find that using it leaves fine scratches in the metal.
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    Alomnd, Coconut flour

    Because these flours are derived from nuts, do those flours possess a high fat content?
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    Not receiving email notifications

    I'm not receiving email notifications to my threads and see that they're checked in my profile.
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    Knif thinning recommendations needed

    I don't feel like doing it myself.
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    Knif thinning recommendations needed

    I live in south GA near the Florida border. Who do you recommend for knife thinning and sharpening?? My go to knives need some thinning.
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    Help with All-Butter Pie Crusts

    Julia Child called that technique "fraisage" or "coming down from the mountain", smearing the rough ball of dough with the heel of the hand. It flattens the butter leading to a flakier crust.
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