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    Consistent Sorbet Recipe

    When i make Sorbets (usually Guava, Passion Fruit, or Strawberry) I always have a puree handy because i normally have to make a large batch. A purple scoop for 500+ kind of numbers (like i am serving tomorrow). I use Three cups water, 1 cup sugar, and about half a cup of puree. Bring it to a...
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    I am considering becoming a Pastry chef

    I agree entirely with that! That is one of the hardest things I try to get people to understand!!! The conversation usually goes "Oh, your a Chef?!?" "yup, 10 years on the hot line, with loads of banquet experience. Now i am a pastry chef." "I love cooking/baking! I want to go to culinary...
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    What is your professional and personal opinion on mass producing and freezing.

    I produce thousands of Individual Cheesecakes, White Cakes, Carrot Cakes, Flourless Chocolate Cakes, Bread Puddings, etc. a year, and i always make batches of 200-500. Cook, cool, freeze, remove from silicone, tray with parchment, and wrap/label/date. Then store frozen until needed. Then...
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    Whats the point of buying high priced knives???

    Personal preference...and dollar signs. I wouldn't spend more than probably $350 on a knife. Then again, I'm rough on my equipment. My 10" mercer does me just fine. It was only about $50.
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    Pan Searing Scallops

    My personal favorite is dried, salted, lightly dusted with guajillo pepper,seared in cast iron, and topped with softened butter :)
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    I've got an idea...need input

    Thanks for the input. It will probably be easier to get consistancy with the courgettes. Could you imagine having to prep 500 of those? I can picture the BEO now...preset salads and desserts...500 stuffed courgettes with creamy polenta, and vegetable medley...
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    I've got an idea...need input

    I'm planning on running it as a dinner special with rainbow chard and a root vegetable hash closer to thanksgiving. That is if I can make it work properly :)
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    deep fried peanut butter

    Treating them like mozzerella sticks might be your best bet. If this works you could wrap a frozen Nutella cigarette in peanut butter and go to town!!!
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    I've got an idea...need input

    Puff pastry sounds good. Do you think that will work though, with the pumpkin?
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    I've got an idea...need input

    I've had this idea rolling around in my head for a few weeks now, and I feel like I just need to get it out of my head. Imagine this... A baby pumpkin, top removed, insides removed, and the whole thing is par roasted. Once roasted and cooled, it's stuffed with a "chicken pot pie" kind of...
  11. Ginger giant from memphis, tn

    Ginger giant from memphis, tn

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    Ginger giant from memphis, tn

    Hello all, my name is Andrew. I cook at the Hilton in memphis, tn. The title says ginger giant because I have red hair, freckles, pale skin, and I stand 6'4" tall at 255lbs. Cooking is all that I have ever done (as far as jobs go), and I wouldn't have it any other way. When the "waste hits the...
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