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    Greetings from Belgrade,Serbia!

    Djoko this should make you more homesick
  2. garden & BBQ 325.jpg

    garden & BBQ 325.jpg

  3. garden & BBQ 324.jpg

    garden & BBQ 324.jpg

  4. garden & BBQ 321.jpg

    garden & BBQ 321.jpg

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    garden & BBQ 326.jpg

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    Greetings from Belgrade,Serbia!

    no they give you to much,im sure you recognise this plate.We always have a good time with family.
  7. garden & BBQ 333.jpg

    garden & BBQ 333.jpg

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    Greetings from Belgrade,Serbia!

    A restaurant on the river Danube Beograd. The bread is some of the best I have had in Europe
  9. garden & BBQ 332.jpg

    garden & BBQ 332.jpg

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    Charring peppers to remove the skin.

    I thread the peppers onto my rotisserie with a tray underneath and just leave them, the drop off when they are evenly scorched.
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    Greetings from Belgrade,Serbia!

    roast pig shop in Krusevac
  12. Greetings from Belgrade,Serbia!

    Greetings from Belgrade,Serbia!

  13. garden & BBQ 226.jpg

    garden & BBQ 226.jpg

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    Christmas Pudding Mixture

    if you give the beast the usual 3 to 4 hours secondary steam it should be okay, what it tastes like is another question.
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