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    Chef v. Cook

    Where i come from a cook is someone who reads a recipe and follows it to the letter, or adapts because they know how to from personal experience, A chef is someone who doesnt need to follow recipes as they know the correct weights by looking, touching, smelling ect. they also know how to put...
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    Tattoos in the kitchen

    there is more dirt on wedding rings and wedding bands then on a raw meat chopping board.
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    Tipping on gross or net sales of bill

    Where i work At the moment for covers under 5 we do not add a tip on. For covers 6 or over (under 20) we put a optional 12% on (which not many people ask to be removed) for over 20 covers (people) when booking we charge them for the F/B (food and beverage) and a table charge of between £100 and...
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    Tipping on gross or net sales of bill

    Neither.... I start at $00 (£00) and if the greeting is good i add an appropriate amount on normally (£2) $4 then the better or more i enjoy service i will keep adding an amount onto this. if something happens or does something i don't like i take some £/$ off. On a 2 course meal lasting...
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    Yoghurt greek style, how to make it?

    I dont know. i make my own cheese not yogurt. My mate makes his own yogurt. I use that to make cheese. sorry x kieron
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    My Fantastic French Toast Recipe

    Is french toast just eggy bread or gypsie toast.... eggs whisked up with bread added in. Then fried in a frying pan with a little oil..
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    Tattoos in the kitchen

    If it was a front of house position and the tattoos cant be well hidden you wouldn't get hired. Mowah No hired Piercings im not looking for a Sieve. In the kitchen as long as its not in contradiction with health and hygiene rules then i would hire you. If you were in a Forward facing position...
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    Dicing an onion....

    My chef lecturer does. and so do i. ( im the head chef of a nursing home) and i measure a 1Cm dice. any smaller go into soup. Larger get cut to 1Cm and perfect ones go for salads and things like that.
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    Pine-apple carpaccio

    maybe you could freeze the pineapple and cut it on a Japanese mandolin slicer. THey work for things like strawberries and other soft fruits. Personally i freeze in a Blast Chiller and slice the Quickly defrost the slices in cold water. (Stops the fruit going mushy)
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    yeah, liquid diets, gluten free, veggies, vegans, nut free halal, fork mashed, smooth diets, Increasing diets (extra protein and carbs) Decreasing diets, (no or little protein and carbs) No salt, no pepper, (killers for me hate not seasoning food) Some like traditional foods (meat and 2 veg)...
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    catering a men's breakfast

    Full english, -- 2 bacon rashers, 2 sausage, 75Ml Baked Beans, 75ML tinned tomatoes, 50G sliced mushroom, 2 fried eggs, 2 sliced fried bread,
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    Barefoot contessa

    just been watching Barefoor Contessa (never seen it before) but she was making a lobster cob salad thing and used "stilton cheese" and she said "if you cant get stilton cheese as it is hard to get hold of use any other blue cheese" so im just asking is "Stilton cheese hard to get in america or...
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    anglesea eggs

    Anglesey eggs with bacon chops Ingredients 8 free-range eggs For the mashed potatoes and leek 500g/1lb 2oz potatoes, peeled, chopped knob of butter, plus extra for greasing 80-110ml/3-4fl oz double cream salt and freshly ground white pepper 3 leeks, trimmed, sliced For the sauce 50g/2oz unsalted...
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    rates for private chefs

    i charge for private catering for a non live in position working monday to sunday starting at 6am finishing at around 7 pm everyday i charge 1500£ PW  (about 2500$) plus food costs. If it was a live in postition i would charge aboout 1000£ (2000$) PW plus food costs.
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