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    George Brown & Looking for Reviews/Advice

    I applied around the same time. I have gone to George Brown before for nursing, and I did the testing then, so maybe I don't have to do it again? That said, I applied to nursing again this time (I don't know why, I don't want to do it, lol) and they sent me a letter for the testing right away...
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    George Brown & Looking for Reviews/Advice

    Airo- when did you get accepted? I applied to the same program, but I was late doing so- so I am not sure when I will find out if I was accepted or not. As for the two different programs- if you are really looking to eventually open your own bakeshop, I would think the GB program would be...
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    George brown or humber

    I have applied for the same program. :) I have been to both schools previously (not for culinary though) and though I didn't spend as much time at George Brown as I did Humber, I did feel that GB was the nicer school. The students were just more mature. The entire time I was at Humber it felt...
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    George Brown & Looking for Reviews/Advice

    I was in George Brown for a short time (nursing, did not like that so well, lol) and have since decided to go with the pastry program. I am hoping to get in for Fall 2010. While I don't know about the culinary programs personally, I have a Chef friend that told me it is one of the best in...
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