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    Hello all

    Nice to meet you.
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    Welcome Ashley!
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    Turkey help?!

    Just as important as how you cook a turkey is how to carve it correctly! You dont want to let some delicious meat go to waste. Here is a How-To carve a turkey video to get you all in the mood and hopefully give you some useful tips. YouTube - Pampered Chef - How To Carve A Turkey Let me know...
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    Music to Cook to

    I love cooking to the classics.
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    Buying cookbooks? Use the link to Amazon!

    Thanks for the links! I like using Amazon.
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    I don't mess with my Thanksgiving meal either. I have considered mixing up my desert though.
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    Gourmet Magazine to Close

    I am so saddened by this. Gourmet was such a great magazine!
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    Favorite Cereals?

    Sugar Smacks were incredible.
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