Lived 13 years in the U.S. but I was born and currently live in Brazil.

I love coffee and food. Sourrounded by both since i was an infant. Grandmother was a cook and baker and mother was also exceptionally well in the kitchen.

Started getting interested in cooking and watching a lot of cooking shows at around 12 years old.

Started working in kitchens professionaly at 18.

Didn´t go to culinary school, skipped that and went to get work experience in real kitchens. Went to trade school though, learned a lot. Did an apprenticeship as well with a great chef. I have done various extra courses about food and hospatility in general.

Currently 22 years old, loves to cook, eat breathes and lives for food. I have a passion for artesanal, fresh and rustic cuisine.

Living, learning, and evolving everyday.
Poços de Caldas Brazil
Line Cook
Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.)
Aside from cooking....
Avid reader, loves wine, coffee, and good beer.
Movie lover, dessert lover, and nature lover
Naturally curious about everything.
Line cook


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