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    What cheese do I use?

    Hey, I am going to have a great gala this upcoming month and it is going to be amazing! One of the events that we are going to have is a wine tasting party. I honestly don't know what kind of gourmet cheese we are going to need. But, my neighbor had an amazing party and he had some of the best...
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    A good Restaurant Review!!

    Hey, So what I have learned in this industry is that sometimes life is freaking hard. And there are so many times when we can get a bad day and that seems to be the day when the critic shows up. I finally found somebody that I can trust when I go out to eat with my family. There is...
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    Should you emulate a Chef?

    Hello, So I was talking to someone and I said that my hero was Michael White. And they said that I was crazy and that I needed to be myself. I think that it is good to emulate someone that started out just like every other chef. He cooks well, he learned everything just like I have. He...
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    Best Italian Cook

    Ok I like all of your replies but I think that I will rephrase what I wrote. I think that Michael White is the best cook of Italian food. Seriously, I know that he isn't from there, but he knows what he is doing and it is in its simple form.. The best way you can have italian food.
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    Best Italian Cook

    Hey Guys! So I was just watching some amazing things on Iron Chef America and I thought to myself who is the best Chef in the world. I think that you would have to break it down into different categories. I went to a restaurant called Marea and had the best scallops with a simple white sauce...
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    Earthworms are a very good sign of a good, rich and plentiful soil. But if there are too many of them they can deficate and potentialy ruin the base of a good soil compond. So I would say that the best indicator of earthworm ratios in the soil is one worm per 5 inches squared. That is the...
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    Saving chicken remains for stock?

    I do the same! just try to make sure that you use it as quick as possible or else you are going to loose the flavor after a long period of time.
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    Tomato and Burrata Sfizi

    I highly recommend this recipe it makes me a happy camper when sombody actually knows what they are doing behind the stove tops.
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    Can you use a wooden board for raw meat?

    Amen to that one brother! I worked in a restaurant in Colorado and they go written up for using a wooden board with meat! Watch out for the wooden boards.
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