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    Best type of commerical oven for baking cookies (that will allow expansion to bake other things in t

    No problem good luck finding an oven to fit your needs!
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    So... what are you growing this year?

    In the main garden we planted tomatoes( DX52, early girls, celebrities, brandy wine, sweet 100, pear, cherry, beef masters), banana squash, yellow squash, zucchini, crenshaw, watermelon, cantaloupe, anaheim peppers, jalapenos, bell peppers, banana peppers, potatoes, onions, cucumbers...
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    Best type of commerical oven for baking cookies (that will allow expansion to bake other things in t

    We have gas convection ovens and i love them! The temperature runs a little high but i can fit 10 trays of cookies in them and i never have uneven baking on the trays. These are the kind we have, i just googled them till i found the right ones. I have no idea what price range you are looking for...
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    What would you raise on your farm to supply your menu?

    Everything i could! I was lucky enough to be raised on a farm and love the lifestyle. We always had a few head of cattle, one pig for slaughter and chickens when the coyotes didn't kill them. We had a greenhouse and would start planting our vegetables early January. That way come mid may we were...
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    Camp Cook Virgin

    When I go camping i always eat a hobo dinner, they are the best! My favorite is ribs and potatoes
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    800lbs of Beef where do i begin!

    I have always thought it was important to know where your food comes from. I want to intern at a butcher/slaughter house but until the summer i dont have the time. butchery is something i have always had an intrest in, and i have always learned best by diving in head first. Which leads me to why...
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    700 on the go

    Haha thanks guys, Do you think sous vide is a possibility? And we might have access to a steam table that runs off prophane and a 106kw generator which should help a lot
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    What's the difference between a candy coat and tempered chocolate?

    I have used candy coat in the past but have always known it as candy melts. They are much easier to use, but are kinda like eating chocolate flavored wax. When melted it can be to thick and looks globby. I thinned it down with a bit of shortening and dipped it twice, to make sure there were no...
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    700 on the go

    We will have a list of people with allergies and cook for them separately
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    700 on the go

    We will have to supply the water we need for cooking. Like Phatch said everyone will be broken down into small groups and they are responsible for their own drinking water. We are planning on using disposable, and having a trailor for garbage. Typically there are people who come and leave every...
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    Pasty cream fruit tart flop

    when it comes to pastry cream this recipe works like a charm 60g cake flour 360g granulated sugar 1lt milk 12 egg yolks 1 vanilla bean split 60g unsalted butter Yeild:3lbs 10oz Sift together the flour and sugar. Whisk 240ml of milk into egg yolk, Add flour and sugar whisk till smooth...
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    Lack of counter/table space for rolling dough

    I use a fold out picnic table and just keep it under my bed :) Parchement paper works, but put a damp paper towel under it to keep it moving around.
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    Efficient Pantry Stocking for 1

    Personally i love fresh ingridents and go to the store two or three times a week at least. Im not sure what kind of stores you have where you live but i find i have the best luck at health food stores and ethnic markets, they have more loose produce. The health food store near my apartment has...
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