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    Liver Sausage

    was trying to make liver sausage. anyone with experience???
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    Liver Sausage??

    Was looking for a recipe for liver sausage?
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    best brand of knives

    I was just going to buy a new knife and everyone raves about global. I have henkels now and they are ok but i wanted something better. how about kasumi or shun. anyone have any input
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    thats sounds mostly the same except for the cranberry.
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    she was from naples area well her family she primarily was from south philly. i'm sorry i should have been more specific. she never used orange zest in anything. always suateed garlic and onions in olive oil first. than canned tomatos. she would mix some paste some puree a little of water and...
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    Hey all, I am new here. I have been looking for probably the past two years for a recipe similar to the one my grandmother use to make for a tripe (i'll call it stew). she would cook the tripe and dice up potatos and make it in a red sauce just like for pasta. i never caught how she made it...
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