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    Serving 350 people.

    If you don't know the answers, don't take the job. Do your research before you make a commitment, you will lose less money that way. Remember one bad job takes one hundred to restore your reputation. Good luck.
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    Corned Beef

    I brine for 10 days and have left in brine 15 days, no problem. ,
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    Best fat for southern biscuits ?

    Use buttermilk it is more acidic which reacts with the leavening.
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    Food Processor Not My First Choice But...

    I've been happy with my almost 40 year old cuisinart .
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    Best fat for southern biscuits ?

    If you don't use lard or shorting it's not southern. We use Crisco as my mother did. Grand parents used lard and my grandfather died in his nineties. He retired in his late eighties and walked four blocks back and fourth to work. He walked home for lunch likely for those wonderful green beans...
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    Nutritional Values ~

    Chefs are required to learn and work for information about what they cook. When I started a book with tables was what we used. Smgchef found the source, why not hire someone to do your job for you.
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    Digital Thermometer - Any recommendations?

    Did you check the battery?
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    Labor ratio

    Ask you boss what he/she expects your labor cost to be. Also how to calculate that cost
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    Hanger Steak ...

    Good post.
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    How do I go about my party plan and menu tricks? PRO ADVICE needed

    This forum is for pros, try food and cooking.
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    Vendor rebates

    Is it a rebate or kickback. I had vendors trying to give me cash discounts on orders. I made sure the owner was the only one getting any rebates.
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    Tricks to poaching eggs

    Ice in hotel pan, perforated hotel pan inside, poached eggs in pan. hotel pan with simmering water on stove, lift perforated pan with eggs drain place in simmering water for a minute or until heated. You can do four dozen eggs in 1-2 min.
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    Gourmet burger food trailer

    What makes your burger gourmet? For the market you are targeting frozen fries would work better.
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    Damn Yankees!

    Make your biscuits with lard and butter milk and they will hold up to the gravy.
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    Pizza Sauce Packets

    I know of a couple of men that opened a pizza place in a southern market. They hired a chef that had trained in Naples, Italy. They bought a mixer, wood fired oven, proofing room and boxes, all from Naples. They had standard recipes and instructions. A young man asked me about working for...
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