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    @freddy12712 Sorry you feel that way. Perhaps you should re-read it. I think you make have misinterpreted the message.
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    Comment by 'jim berman' in article 'Work the line. Or not.'

    @Varnel I often refer to myself as a kitchen hooligan. I think it is a respectable (and accurate!) moniker. Thanks for commenting!
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    @flipflopgirl - Thank you for sharing! I am glad you found the piece useful. To be honest, there is so much to be said about restaurant menus; from inception, trends, price points, etc. In my new position, I see sooooooo many menus that seem to be forgotten; relics of the by-gone days or out of...
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    Restaurant Menus: The chorus of the kitchen

    The voice of a restaurant is in its menu. Yes, service is the backbone to hospitality. Certainly, decor is critical in ensuring a great experience for customers. Hours. Parking convenience. Pretty servers. All bits and pieces that make up the formula to keep the lights on. Rather, food that...
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