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    I have had great success taking roasted garlic, mincing into a paste, coating any meat you can think of with it and roasting to doneness. The garlic infuses the meat and the taste is heavenly. Just my opinion though....
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    What did you do for Valentine's Day?

    My valentine's day started with work, and ended with spending the evening beside my wife in her hospital bed. We plan to have a small celebration when she is better. Not an ideal situation but you make do the best you can, I guess.
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    Bread problems

    Can someone please explain the comment by Sidaru that the flavour will be affected by proofing too quickly? I have been cooking professionally for over 25 years and have never had flavour affected by the speed of the proofing. Am I the fool? Just my opinion though....
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    Grass Fed Beef-Problems w/Roasts!!

    Like so many others have stated, knowing your cut is essential to success. Cheap, tougher cuts are suited for braising; tender cuts suited for roasting. If the fat content is the concern, try larding your roast before roasting. AND do not ever cover your pan when roasting. I never roast above...
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    Sous chef hours

    I had occasion to be the sous at a local golf course. I was there for 17 months, 2 full summer seasons. I do not know how many hours I put in exactly. When I was released, the company continued to pay me for the next 11 weeks to make up for all the OT I put in. Sounds like 440hrs OT in 2 busy...
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    What can a newb cook for his wife?

    There are hundreds of websites with recipes on them. I suggest you look some up, decide what ingredients you want to use and give those parameters to the site's search engine. I would bet you get hundreds of recipes off each site you visit. Price should never be a concern if you are using...
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    Induction cookers vs. Gas

    I had the pleasure of working in Europe a few years ago. At that time (1995) there were virtually no gas burners to be found anywhere in commercial kitchens. The industry has moved to Induction and Combi-ovens almost exclusively. The best advise I received when I was starting to use the...
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    The only oil that should be used in Risotto is used to saute the onion, garlic and rice before adding the stock. It should never be added at the end.
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    Have a good look at any Bolognese Meat Sauce recipe and you'll see that carrot is a primary ingredient. I guess since Bolognese was created and developed there, all Italian and French chefs "MUST be daft". Just my opinion though....
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    What do you do when

    My feeling would be to return the produce to the store and complain LOUDLY to the manager. If enough people hear you and you sufficiently embarrass the manager, maybe things will change. We have become a world where no one wants to lay blame or complain as it is no longer "politically correct"...
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    Price sheets?

    You're kidding, right?! We do the costing, you learn nothing and take the credit....
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    Hello all, I am curious if anyone is using Inulin in their production? I have seen it used in dairy production, but am wondering about a pasta sauce application. Any assistance/advise would be sincerely appreciated.
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    Hello everyone

    But you describe yourself as a former chef.....
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    New Product Idea - Cooking Aid - Feedback needed please!

    Cooking Questionnaire 1) Sex? Male 2) How old are you? 35 – 44 3) How often do you cook from scratch? a) More than once a day 4) How often do you cook from scratch using a written recipe? (or one from a cooking program) g) Less than once a month 5) Would you like too cook from scratch...
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    Infuriating dining companions.

    Hey, you're a cook. Why not treat your grandmother to your own specialty dish and show her that good food can have flavour without being "too spicy". I would politely inform her of your views and ask her to be open to new ideas, she may appreciate your candor and try the duck instead of the...
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