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    First job in the culinary field, any advice?

    If you don't love it , leave, If you do love it everything will fall into place , ask questions 
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    welcome to my world ,

    good question well asked  Every now and again i get residents / student that are keen to learn more about cooking , we do little projects that gets them thinking out side the square and it promotes team work and social skills  , We are in the middle of making a model tall ship out of chocolate...
  3. welcome to my world ,

    welcome to my world ,

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    welcome to my world ,

    i will add that i work in a drug rehab teaching client how to cook for themselves and the community of 100 plus , i get spat at , and slapped and people OD , so sometimes i am distracted  
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    Why would you hire someone/accept someone with no experience?

    some make some don't  I hired a young man once , he turned up out of the blue when i needed a wash up crew, he had no English skills what so ever and his reference from his last job was written on the back of a packet of cigarettes . in desperation for a wash up crew i put him on, He turned out...
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    How Many Hours Do You Work(Day/Week)

    You are all going to hate this , I work 7.6 hours a day , 9 am to 5.30 pm , Monday to Friday for $1500 a week . BUT there wouldn't be a week that goes by where I don't get threatened with a thumping and sworn at , welcome to rehab
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    Advice on sauté station help

    Video / film your chefs at work , watch it over and over , keep asking question , practice , practice , practice
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    welcome to my world ,

    Today so far Yesterday we played with pouring and pulling sugar , all good , no injuries Today I left 4 students unsupervised for ten minutes, I came back to find student number one pulling sugar plus skin off his finger , student  two had the wooden spoon stuck to his tongue, student  three...
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    looking for a new pair of shoes

    this picture sux some what , google them for a better 
  11. looking for a new pair of shoes

    looking for a new pair of shoes

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    looking for a new pair of shoes

    not at all , they are sold as a walking boot , ive worn out three pair in twenty years of cooking 
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    looking for a new pair of shoes

    ROSSI MULGA BOOTS They are Australian boot manufacture , the mulga is a boot , not slip on , i wear them day in day out , cant beat them 
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    heya from rehab

    heya from rehab I'm a chef educator in a drug rehab Sydney Australia . i also run the kitchen as well as training , every few months i do little projects that show my residents that there is more to cooking than cutting up julienne carrot , the last project was how to use 20kgs of donated...
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