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    Begging assistance

    It sounds like you are a really nice person, I sympathise, and think your idea of cooking a meal for 2 or 4 with them paying as donation is wonderful, good luck
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    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper -- what are you cooking?

    You can say that again DC - If you send me up some lamb (yummy) I'll send the Beef Jerky down with the iced A. Angus - Have a good week! :thumb:
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    Cooking with an old Gas Stove

    Hello 3469practice, I may be wrong, do not know if you are in the UK or not but here since we had North sea gas piped, the flame is much fiercer and stoves had to be adjusted, which your landlord may not realise, this had to be done via a Government licenced Gas Company for safety reasons. He...
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    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper -- what are you cooking?

    So I've been cooking corned beef for years:look:
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    Ask the person below

    Originally Posted by indianwells Why do French people eat Andouiette? They eat them here, called "Chitterlings":mad:
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    Ask the person below

    Imperial pint = 20 fluid ounces
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    Ask the person below

    You never know -- History does have a tendancy to repeat itself.;) P.S. I and many others in England never use metric only pounds and ounces - think "gramme" is some sort of flour - ha ha!! - :rolleyes:
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    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper -- what are you cooking?

    Hi Oldschool1982, Am wondering what corned beef is in your part of the world, here in Great Britain corned beef refers to tins of corned beef from Brazil. I am wondering if it is home cooked beef brisket that has been marinated first and then slow cooked. I have a good raw piece of Aberdeen...
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    They certainly will, many thanks cyberdoc:thumb:
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    I also love homemade soup, just made potato and leek, and with it we shall eat some Irish Soda Bread, I made the other day and put in the freezer, which is lovely with soup, I love graham crackers, but think that here in Great Britain they are called cream crackers. I have made the soup as...
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    :cool:Many thanks to you Luke P, you have made my mind up so am discarding the two jars it is never worth taking a risk with food, have a great weekend, happy cooking:thumb:
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    :smiles: Many thanks to you D C Sunshine, the problem was the size of the wretched thing, so I cut it into four pieces, wrapped loosely in foil, cooked in the pressure cooker for half an hour on an upturned deep trivet so it didn't get any water on it and it worked out perfectly not too soft...
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    Most people don't eat the tail of the chicken?

    yes, my husband adores it, known here as the "parsons nose"
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    Yeast For Bread - Dry Or Fresh?

    yes in a breadmaker you can use either, we only have to ask at the fresh bakery department in our large food stores and they are happy to oblige, there is no difference in finished loaf between dried and fresh, a rounded teaspoon with same of sugar disolved in a little warm water but you...
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    mmm! Cornish pasties DC - were you born in Great Britain?
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