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    Should i go to the CIA

    Don't be scared!! if you are getting a scholarship take it! stepping outside of your comfort zone can only make you better. From what I hear CIA has a very good career services department on campus and the externship program is amazing which could help you land an amazing job. The CIA is a huge...
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    Advanced cookbook questions

    Hey! I am very interested in learning the new techniques and doing advanced methods of cooking and presentation. I am looking for cookbooks to produce upscale fine dining quality food just for fun because i enjoy it. I have seen online that restaurants such as French Laudry, Eleven Madison Park...
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    French Fry Question

    you should just designate fryers if you have the money, and try frying your french fries in duck fat no doubt people will be coming back for it you cant beat it
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    Beet salad--raw or cokked?

    you gotta boil up those suckers
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    How is the Culinary Institute of America?

    Im going to apply to JWU also but the chef i work under was a professor there for 10 yrs so it could be easier for me to get in. Im split between JWU and CIA anyone have any experiences from JWU?
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    How is the Culinary Institute of America?

    Thank you very much for answering my questions i appreciate it, rather than giving me advice to attend somewhere else
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    Need help finding a Bachelors Program

    check out California Culinary Academy - San Francisco and the California School of Culinary Arts. Both of these schools have been rated in the top 10 culinary schools in the country
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    go with dansko clogs or alpro a630 (made my birkenstock)
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    How is the Culinary Institute of America?

    Food is my passion and this is what i want to do in life. I have worked in the industry for 3 years already and i am 17 and i have over a year of experience in a professional kitchen. I am just your typical teenager asking a few questions about the school i plan on attending to follow my...
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    How is the Culinary Institute of America?

    im absolutely not going there to party.. i just asked a few simple questions I wanted to know what night life would be like compared to any other school. Im not looking for a party school even though i want a good education i want to have a good time and make friends as well dont be so quick to...
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    How is the Culinary Institute of America?

    Right now the CIA is my first choice of school. As prestigious as it is i want to know how the experience is as in a college experience. I would like to hear from graduates/current students on this one. Any parties up at the CIA? Hot girls? Night life?  
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