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    freezing breaded chicken and fish

    Hi Brandon, Thanks for your input.  Reason for freezing is as stated above.  I know that it cooks faster and better when breaded to order, Ive been there.  I would imagine it as kind of a "buffer",  Take the chicken out of the freezer, fry it and proceed to do something else since the menu has...
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    freezing breaded chicken and fish

    hi, currently doing a menu for a bistro restaurant and i was wondering if it is okay to bread chicken and fish then freeze it? i used to work at a higher end restaurant in a hotel and with anything breaded we usually do it to order.  the reason for freezing the breaded chicken and fish is that...
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    Review by 'jedvidlim' on item 'The International Culinary Arts Academy Cebu'

    i have just finished the 2 year culinary arts chefs program and i am very satisfied with the course.  basically the first year would run with in school training for the first 5-6 months then you will have to attend and apprenticeship at a hotel to be able to continue to the 2nd year.  2nd year...
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    7th spanish gastronomy program

    Right now, applications have closed though. I believe that only schools with the invite can send applicants. Last year the ones chosen fron the US were from seattle culinary academy and i think from LCB.
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    Le Cordon Bleu VS Culinary Institute of America

    @Nicko far cheaper than JW ad CIA.. the cost for the 2 year course is around 12k usd.. but you have to think that the minimum wage in the philippines is around 10 usd per day. = )
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    Guess The Dish...

    like sa sweet potato fritata?
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    Le Cordon Bleu VS Culinary Institute of America

    Hi Nicko, I jave just finished my 2 year course in culinary arts last year. I studied at the International Culinary Arts Academy Cebu. Its the only school in the Philipines that offers the City and Guilds program from London. School is kinda small with only a max of 12 per class... and we get...
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    Essential Books for Culinary Students

    culinary artistry - published by JW wiley and.. on food and cooking harold mcgee 
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    Le Cordon Bleu VS Culinary Institute of America

    hi plumpy cheeks, both are good schools.  just my opinion, either way you cant go wrong.  what will set you apart is your passion and desire to learn :) good luck! but if given a choice, its LCB , no second thoughts. = )
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    7th spanish gastronomy program

    Hi! anyone applying for the 7th spanish gastronomy program that starts this june? sponsored by ICEX.
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    global g47 question

    hi, i am looking on buying a global g47.. stated on the website is that this knife is a sashimi knife.. i was wondering if this would also be okay for cutting large roasts or filleting steaks/tenderloin? would it damage the blade considering that this is a knife made for fish? or there isnt...
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    im a nurse but i want to be a chef! :D any tips?

    hi! i guess i could connect with you on this matter. i was previously and engineer and really wanted to be a chef/cook and a lot of posts here are right.. get your feet wet, test the waters if you do like it .. go ahead and pursue what you want.  i have saved close to 90% of my previous salary...
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    Cutting Gloves

    to me wearing a glove in the kitchen while handling any kind of food is the most unnatural thing in the world... but i guess there is a side of safety there.. oh well. HACCP..
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    Looking for a cheap culinary arts school in the Philippines

    @blued getting into culinary may cost a lot but all you need to do is plan ahead.  i was once an engineer and my passion really is in cooking.  it was a 3 year plan to enroll myself in the best school possible.  right now things are going accordingly, i have finished my first year here in cebu...
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    lamb dish

    hi. kyheiloomer yeah, i shoudve, was in a time contraint so i instantly placed them in a preheated oven. i went with the yoghurt marinade mixxed with onion, garlic, thyme and rosemary.  things came out pretty nice, too bad i couldnt take any pictures. though it would be better if it had a lot...
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