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    Vegas for the non-gambler

    I have only been to Vegas for trade shows- so a good portion of my food has been covered by the samples at the shows. Two weeks ago, at the Pizza Expo, I stayed at Stratosphere- off their website, we got rooms for $26 a nite or $32 including the breakfast buffet- the buffet was nice- all the...
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    International Pizza Expo, Las Vegas

    Yeah airfares have gone way up.... hotels are cheap though... Circus Circus and Stratosphere have great online room prices and the show has a free shuttle to and from the Stratosphere....
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    International Pizza Expo, Las Vegas

    Anyone attending the International Pizza Expo in Vegas? Coming up Mar 2-4, 2010 I went last year and it was a great show- planning to attend again this year- wondering if anyone from Cheftalk will be there too???
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    Guy Fieri's stage extravaganza

    I live in Sacramento, where we have 2 of Guy's restuarants.... I have heard that he often shows up to Tex Wasabi's in a Hummer w his entourage. Haven't met him personally. Maybe it is a matter of too much fame...???? One of my friends was at Tex Wasabi's one day for lunch and Guy walks in and...
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    Broke Up with my Girlfriend. Need cheering up.

    Quinn- I'm sure you have heard that you usually find someone when you AREN'T looking.... just enjoy life, work hard and stay healthy. Usually you find the best relationships when you don't feel like you NEED one- meaning when you are happy and secure in yourself- and not feeling lonely or...
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    Deadset serious question: Are the cooks in H.e.l.l.s. Kitchen really cooks?

    I could buy it when the contestants were home cooks and a parent with 6 kids, and the show focused on the contestants learning to cook...... But the new seasons, with every contestant having a title of "sous" "head" or "exec" after their names, and STILL floundering in the kitchen...
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    Simple Pleasures

    ice cold watermelon on a hot summer day.... and on a cold, rainy day... a hot bowl of chili, thick with beans and meat, w/ melting shredded cheddar cheese on top...... and a chunk of good dark chocolate..... mmmmmmm
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    Pizza Hut or Round Table

    Shel- I much prefer homemade pizza to chain restaurant pizza- but of the two choices you have given I'd say Round Table- because my experience with Pizza Hut they have been very greasy. My kids, however, would vote the opposite as they like greasy and stuffed crust. As for the other chains-...
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    Saturday is for Seafood.... of couse!

    Geez Bob- thanks for all the pics to make our mouths water.... but you should have told us sooner so we could all show up with plates in hand....LOL Seafood here tonite too... but I just did a basic alfredo sauce and added shrimp, bay scallops and clams sauteed in garlic and butter, over...
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