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    substitute for gelatin?

    Kitten01, My understanding has always been that the gelatin-type products are in mousse mostly as a stabalizer to keep it from deflating. Otherwise, you can definitely make a mousse without gelatin at all. If you're going to pipe it into a cupcake, I might suggest skipping the "mousse," per se...
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    Need a formula: Nappage Blanc.

    I took my recipe from Michael Laiskonis' blog and tweaked it for white chocolate, and it seemed to work well enough. You may want to play with it a bit though. 8 sheets gelatin 80g water, cold 280g heavy cream 65g water 420g granulated sugar 200g white chocolate 1. Bloom gelatin in first...
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    substitute for gelatin?

    So here is Martin Lersch's book on Hydrocolloids (of which gelatin is one): If you are using agar, be aware that it has a melting point that is above body temperature, which gives is a crumbly brittle texture instead of a smooth one. It...
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    Chocolate sprayer

    I'm looking around for a sprayer to spray chocolate on frozen has a couple, but they're expensive. I read a couple places that you can use one of the Wagner pain sprayers from, say, home depot, but I'm worried about using equipment not intended for food. Any thoughts...
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    Gelatin conversion

    If you are looking for a well-priced place to find gelatin, either in powder or sheets, I found to be a god place to go. As said above, there are different strengths of gelatin, measured in "bloom." In general, if one finds a recipe that uses gelatin sheets, assume its silver...
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    Unpaid Pastry Experience?

    The quote is a little out of context, and possibly in bad taste. I apologize.
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    Equipment Question

    You certainly have 20 years on me... And its very possible that I've gotten pretty lucky with the used equipment that I've worked with.
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    Unpaid Pastry Experience?

    There are a couple problems with this... 1) I don't know you. Neither does the person you'll be asking to "help." If you do end up in the food service industry, you'll realize that training someone to help you do your job ends up doubling your work load. Not only do I have to keep track of my...
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    molecular gastronomy in pastry

    Molecular Gastronomy is an interesting term. By Herve This' definition of MG, Ferran Adria etc. are doing "molecular cooking" not MG. As it is, I agree with those above. Pastry should change and evolve like any other area of food production. I would always say that you need to match your food...
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    Sorbet on cake....

    I agree with Chefpeon, and with you I suppose. Sorbet has no place on top of a warm dessert. In fact, I generally don't like adding any frozen element on top of a warm dessert. If I wanted it melted, I wouldn't have taken so much care to make sure that it was frozen properly. Sorbet especially.
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    Tea bags curdling my milk

    The name of the tea sounds like one that might have some fairly acidic ingredients. I'm not sure if its true, or something I've conjured up in my head, but I think that milk is slightly less likely to curdle when its colder. You might try steeping it cold over a day or so.
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    creme brulee cheesecake?

    You could get around the issue of slicing and such by baking individual cheesecakes in ringmolds, and torching them to order. In terms of a recipe, thats trickier. Yes, you can brulee a cheesecake and call it "creme brulee cheesecake." But cheesecake is very dense. Creme Brulee, on the other...
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    chocolate viscosity

    I like Rat's suggestion. You could extend it to almost anything though. Depending on the flavor of the semifreddo, you could use Hazelnut oil or Olive oil and increase your flavor impact.
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    Cold set cheesecake qustion

    Gelatin has the downside of being non-vegetarian. I think most people assume all desserts are vegetarian, and so get very angry when they are told that they mousse they're enjoying has animal in it. That said, I have never found a great cold-set cheesecake that didn't have at least a little...
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    Croissant debate

    3 "envelope" folds, if that makes sense (I.e. roll to a strip 3 times wider than it is long, fold left over and then right. repeat)
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