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    french gumbo?

    Étouffée. That is the dish I was looking for...
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    Closed Personal Chef Service Items For Sale...

    sure... take the whole lot and i'll cut you an awesome deal...
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    classifieds section.

    side note, thanks to everyone for backing up my/our idea. i truly believe it is a much needed addition to the forum and will bring in many new people and will help the community. please use all common sense and precautions when dealing with members who may not be known or the usual scam type...
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    classifieds section.

    not a sad time at all, going back to what i do best. unfortunately this was something i always wanted to do and when i had the opportunity i pursued it. i have added a link to this thread so you follow a few items i listed. i have many more items i have to put up for sale. i hope i can sell most...
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    Closed Personal Chef Service Items For Sale...

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    classifieds section.

    thank you for creating this...
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    Who is your favorite celeb chef?

    chuck hughes, eric ripert, daniel boulud, jose andres, ferran adria, grant achatz, michael voltaggio.  
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    ***** Top Chef Season 7 *****

    top chef all stars seems to be a bit better than last season. i think the peak season was the one with voltaggio... dont think its going to get better than that.
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