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    Omelette/egg casserole

    I was making an egg casserole this morning using eggs half and half, American cheese, kielbasa, onion, tomatoes in a large sauté pan. Cooking it partially on the stove and then finish in oven. To my surprise the eggs were cooking on the stovetop but releasing a huge amount of liquid; it was...
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    Fruit tart recipe

    Thanks, I appreciate it.  
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    Fruit tart recipe

    does anyone have a recipe for those glazed fruit tarts (round or rectangular) I see in good bakery shops and bakery departments like Whole Foods?   Have been trying to find one online and have come up empty? Thanks,
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    Chicken far in advance

    How far in advance can you prepare chicken(or veal) cutlets? How far ahead of time can I bread them? Do I refridgerate or freeze? Can I cook them ahead of time and still end up with that 'freshly cooked' taste when they are reheated? My usual thing is to be sauteing/frying them as we're...
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    drawn butter vs. clarified butter?

    My grandmother, who was from Syria, taught me how to make the Syrian 'Baklava' (called Bitlawa in Arabic) The first thing she taught me was the importance of using 'clarified' butter. She had me melt the butter in a sauce pan and then pour out the 'clear' or 'clarified' portion of the butter...
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    Freezing Lasagna?

    Thanks!! Excellent ideas. I'm not going to precook the noodles, I will cook the lasagna, freeze it and remove it from the pan using the foil!!
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    Who are these people that are telling you that you are wasting your time? Are they successful people in the business you are dreaming of entering? If not, than I say, don't listen. Life is interesting and in my opinion the only way to really know if a decision is right or wrong is to jump...
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    Freezing Lasagna?

    Hi! Everyone. I want to make lasagna for Christmas dinner and do it a week ahead of time. Do I freeze it before or after it's cooked? What is the best pan to cook and freeze in? :lips: Thanks
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    Thickened gravy turns liquid next day

    Thank you all for your replies, my question sure sparked a great discussion. Well, from what I can gather from all your responses I may be cooling improperly (in ahurry to clean up and get done) and I don't store the gravy separately. I will do both in the future and see what results I get...
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    Thickened gravy turns liquid next day

    Why does all my gravies turn into running liquids when reheated a day or two later? This happens all the time. What food science do I not understand? For example, I sauted some red and green peppers, scallions, mushrooms (I sauted the mushrooms separately because I know they have a lot of...
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    Mashed Potatoes

    What is the best type of potatoe for mashed potatoes? I've never paid much attention to the different types of potatoes and I think this must be why there's some inconsistency in the outcomes. All I know about potatoes is that the Idaho is the best baking potatoe (or so goes the popular...
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    caesar salad dressing

    I tried the "original" recipe and it came out like mayonnaise!! Tasted good...but tooo ooooooo thick.....what went wrong????? I did it in a blender ...low..pulse....:confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Coffee getting worse.

    That was a great explanation as to why I see differences from week to week in the coffee beans I buy from "traditional" supermarkets. Which I stopped buying. I live in Massachusetts and now buy coffee from a supermarket chain called Natural Harvest....(lot's of organic and they bought out...
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    Does cooking kill vitamins?

    I have heard that cooking vegetables in the microwave is best way to retain the nutrition. Is this so? :)
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    Ceasar Salad

    Thanks! Just what I was looking for! :)
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