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    How has working in restaurants changed how you eat out?

    I eat out less otften than I used to. But my standards of quality and service have increased. As such, I am willing to pay more for a quality meal when I go out. Many foods can be prepared / cooked better for the price at home with my own skills compared to most chain restaurants (perhaps with...
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    June 2018: What's your favorite Summer Dessert Menu item?

    All these sauce choices in the poll are heavy, creamy, and very rich...not things that generally come to mind for summer food. Pecan pie and amber notes remind me of autumn. Summer is fresh fruit and berries galore.
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    What goes in your food cost

    Dish soap and napkinds are not food. Food cost is simply the cost of ingredients to make a dish (or all your dishes and the cost of each dish is then added up). Those other items are considered part of operating costs. Both food cost and operating cost will help you determine how to price your...
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    Cilantro/Coriander Essence - How To Ideas?

    You can purree the cilantro in a vitaminx with a small amount of liquid. Pass through a chinois and freeze into half-sphere molds. Use a ratio of 3 parts alginate to 500 parts water to sphere-ify your frozen purée. Use a perferated serving spoon like available from JB Prince, or a...
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    Help with Frozen Pomegranite Spheres

    After some further research I’ve found a pretty obvious reason for why the vinegar is not freezing at these temperatures. I checked the company website for Pok Pok Som drinking vinegars and the one we are using contains sea salt in the list of ingredients (not listed on the actual product...
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    The case against kosher salt

    Kosher is the go-to general purpose seasoning salt. It dissolves nicely in water and in the mouth. Most “natural” sea salts are quite strong and simply used as finishing salts in the commercial kitchen. I think they each serve a purpose with various flavor and texture qualities.
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    Help with Frozen Pomegranite Spheres

    We recently added a poached pear dish to our dessert menu where I work. The CDC and I would like to make it so that the included sauce for the dish will ooze out of the center (where seeds were) as the guest forks into the pear. We are following the basic concept for frozen purée spheres from...
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    Asked to come in for an interview and "stage"?

    I did my first working interview at a fine dining place in Cleveland this past spring. Looking back, I didn’t do so well. I was nervous and made some dumb mistakes. I called to check in after, but then never heard from them again... I’m now employed at a fine dining restaurant elsewhere, and...
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    How do you think about the electronic kitchen appliances?

    I prefer to do most home kitchen work by hand and try not to buy electric appliances until I absolutely need them. Working in a restaurant is a nice perk since I can hold out for good quality at home equipment and see who the real workhorses are. Currently I'm saving up for a Vitamix blender...
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    Female chefs and line cooks

    I sometimes open doors for others at work, but do so for all genders when they're obviously carrying something heavy or their hands are full. And I do it less so outside of work because I'm aware of the perception some people have about it. Like I won't wait for them at the door, but I'll keep...
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    Quick Pickups for Starters in a Hot Oven!

    At my work I use a 650+ degree gas oven. I mostly do pizza, but have also used it for turnovers, cheesy breads, paninis, and flatbreads in the past. It works quite well for browning meats also, which I use for the paninis.
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    What's in your kniferoll?

    Knives Victorinox 10.25" grant on edge slicer Victorinox 8" Chef's knife Shun Classic 6.5" Nakiri No-name flexible boning knife Victorinox 3.5" standard paring No-name 2.5" birds beak paring Other blades MicroPlane Zester Grater OXO Good grips Y-peeler Good Grips kitchen shears Fabreware 9"...
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    Ohioan New to ChefTalk

    Hello! I am a recent college grad from northwest Ohio with 2 years experience in food service. I started as dishwasher and worked my way up to student cook. I'm now a full time cook at a buffet-style dining facility on the college campus near where I live. I am interested in expanding my...
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