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    How do I go about my party plan and menu tricks? PRO ADVICE needed

    If you want to try enjoy the party but spend most of the day in the kitchen cooking and serving guests, plan easy nice stuff that you can pop in an over, reheat, or serve cold. Working on a yacht its not uncommon to have 10 guests and 7-9 crew. All eating different things, different times...
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    Sauce Help

    Thanks, i was having a rum drink, glad you made it clear.
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    Sauce Help

    Vin Blanc, just means white wine used in other sauces. So you whip a mousilline in plain white wine?? Which would suck. Not new burg or thermador, crushing crayfish shells/ lobster shells doin't it right
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    Sauce Help

    Sounds like a glacage, A hollandaise, fold in whipped cream, put it under a broiler, had it on the menu a fancy place I worked, was hit or miss with the guests(mostly American) who probably don't know what a hollandaise is
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    Dry pork belly

    To long of braise, one thing that was taught to me a long time ago is cooling the meat in the liquid till the juices settle down and relax, same as you let meat rest. Then we pull the belly out and press it.
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    Employees with health issues

    the show goes on, I would recommend them a job not running around on your feet, bending and lifting things in a high stress environment. There are plenty of other not so hard on your body jobs out there. Depends on the business/owner/ Country??? I was put in an awkward situation taking over...
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    Jumping into the Fire or not

    Great topic, what are you missing in your life of having a good stable job and wanting to go on your own? If you have your heart on it and seem set, do it. It can go 2 ways, you work 80-90+ hours a week stressed out how to pay employees, vendors, rent and everything in between and will make...
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    all about COSTING!!!

    This is a professional chef forum. Information is not free
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    Personal Chef

    First lose the queen title. If if you are good 275-375 a day if you know how to cook. Those are yacht/ private chef normals.
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    We need to be better

    And are we all going to get free healthcare, our culinary schools paid for, no crime or wars and world peace???? The restaurant business is what it is. You have to earn every dollar. Not to many/ if any business in the world where making 2,3, 4% profit is considered a successful business...
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    Wild salmon

    No, we have the 5 species, on a very special day I'll guide someone on a slam. I caught some kokanee in Oregon but released them. I was just doing a freelance job on a yacht in the Bahamas, the previous chef bought farm raised salmon, I cringed but did it asain style, in 12 years I have...
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    Wild salmon

    I worked 4 summers in Alaska. Cooking at fishing lodges and guiding fly fishing the last year. Sockeye are like tuna, firm needs to be seared med rare. Cohos.s have more fat, I like them, kings are kings, I'll take a sockeye all day every day over a king
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    Sous Vide in high volume steakhouse

    There is no reason to sous vide any steak that has fat in it. A filet, leg of lamb, tough cuts, 36 hour medium rare short ribs, yes, other than that its a gimmick.
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    Thinking about becoming a chef

    But my last job was washing pots and pans on a 17 million dollar yacht in the Cayman islands for a month.
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    Thinking about becoming a chef

    I started out washing dishes when I was 15, as most of all the chefs on here worked their way up. I graduated culinary school 19 years ago and still washing pots and pans. Even as an executive chef I go help and enjoy that at that time my only job is to make a dish clean. Find your puppy's...
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