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    Does Washington Owe Toyota an Apology?

    The more I think about this whole Toyota thing, the more pissed off I get - and I don't even own a Toyota. After a year of trashing the company's cars, the government is just saying, "oops, my bad" and shrugging their shoulders...
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    As I know, The meat of the horse is hard than the meat of the beef, is it true?
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    Intro and search for something interesting to make this weekend

    Seems like they are living in an old style, I love it also! I love fresh food like this kind! :)  
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    Your 2 Favorite sauces for...

    I love it with gravy or just plain with salt, pepper and lemon. :)
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    National Stuffed Mushroom Day

    I like it just simple. I slice the mushroom by quarters and mixed with butter and white pepper then, I cook it in the grill. :)
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    Reviving old recipes

    I always eat what I want to eat especially the old times. What I miss most is that, the food in the middle east, I miss the roasted chicken that is very tasty and the rice ( I don't know if it is a stir fried rice or not) with a little kick of spice. :)
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    mother sauces

    All restaurant uses tomato sauce but, the bechamel sauce is I think mostly from an Italian restaurant or that offers pasta or lasagna.  Can you tell which one are you looking for in a tomato sauce? is it for pasta or other dish?
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    Eg Long Term Storage

    I have tasted the balut. From the look, it seems it is really disgusting! You try to imagine a one day old chicken that is kinda hairy and wet. The is the picture of the balut but, what is TT is referring is maybe the century egg? Maybe because as I recall the one the OP mentioned is that, it is...
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    worms on oysters?

    Imagine if you are trying to eat like this size of worm :D
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    Pairing food and Beer

    Most simple and common to pair with the beer is peanut or any spicy crackers. :)
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    worms on oysters?

    I never eat worms even if they are cultured or not. The worm in the oyster looks so disgusting especially in a fine dining restaurant!
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    The TRAGIC death of a Sharpie

    You got me there! I was thinking of this Sharpie (who was it?) until when I scroll down my mouse and see the Pen! :) lol
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    what is the worst thing a server can do to make you mad?

    For me, 1. I hate waiting too long to get my order. 2. Asking to much while eating. 3. Taking a long time to get refilled. 4. Arguing 
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    Salted vs. Unsalted butter

    I agree with it. Your cupcake recipes will not be jeopardize if you use either of the two but, be sure you adjust your salt measurement so that it will not turn out to be salty. :)
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    Spicy Cheesy Chicken & Puffy Dumpings...YUM!

    Your recipe is good though, for me and like others said. It is better to have a simple and natural stock compare to the canned ones. Happy cooking!
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