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    French Fries (Chips)

    I would stay out of the food business. Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk
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    Best shoes/boots for working grill line?

    I'm 300 lbs and Croc Bistros work for me. Only Downfall is that two pairs in a row have had the bottoms separate after about a year.
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    From all of history: Name 3 people, you would invite for dinner : where to, who & what

    Willie Nelson, George Carlin and Richard Dawkins. I'd have them at my home. I'd probably make them a spinach mushroom ravioli with brown butter. Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk
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    New knife set: need advise

    He better get the hang of sharpening if he's getting a 9-12 degree blade. He will be sharpening quite a bit. Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk
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    Ideas for middle school career day?

    Since I'm a whole one year into my cooking career, I just talked a little and let them ask questions while I made flowers. Apparently I was a hit.
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    Ideas for middle school career day?

    I thought about snacks, but there are 100 of them and I can't think of 100 decent things to make that isn't costly for a free presentation. I'm sure cookies would be a hit. Maybe I should stick with talking.
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    First Time Knife Buyer

    I'm getting a little redundant on these knife threads, but I know If I like it, someone else will. I went to my local Asian market and got a $4 Kiwi brand knife. So light, so if that's something you might be into. Good luck on this quest.
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    Ideas for middle school career day?

    So I just got approved to take my knives/tools to career day and I thought that would make it easier than talking for a half an hour. It hasn't. Now I can't think of anything to do. I won't be cooking and I'm sure they wouldn't care too much for dicing. Any help would be awesome. P.S. This is...
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    Best chef knives money can buy and where to purchase??

    I just laugh when I see any discussion about knives. Not at the OP, just in general. I got a kiwi brand knife from my local Asian market for $3 and it is my favorite knife I've used.
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