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    May 2017 Cooking Challenge: Fish!

    As I looked for further information about Kecap Manis, it seems that this is very similar but the Indonesian version has various spices in addition to the sugars and soy sauce.  What I have is Healthy Boy brand Sweet Soy and as I read the fine print, this is made using what it calls the "modern...
  2. May 2017 Cooking Challenge: Fish!

    May 2017 Cooking Challenge: Fish!

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    May 2017 Cooking Challenge: Fish!

    A very yummy, sweet-tart yet creamy meal. Tonight's supper was a new take on frozen ahi tuna steaks.   The tuna was marinated in the juice of an orange, tamari, sesame oil, and grated garlic, wiped dry, and oven-grilled on a preheated cast-iron grill pan. 5 min./side  400F.  (Yes, that's...
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    What separates a good chef from a great chef?

    I am a food consumer, a restaurant customer if you will, and to me being a great chef means first of all having the love of food.  Yes, you can fail even if you have a love of food by being a lousy employee/employer/worker/manager/service provider, etc.  Do any of those things wrong and you are...
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    May 2017 Cooking Challenge: Fish!

    Oops,  Oops, didn't mean to violate the spirit of the challenge by posting the link.  I will be working on something different to do.  Thanks for the reminder.  hh
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    Food truck within a year of C-school graduation?

    I see no one responded to your question so the retired librarian in me will give it a shot.  Here's what I'd do for starters:  google 'food truck ownership' and then read a bunch of the stuff that comes up.  Titles that look like they'd have good info include such things as  50 Food Truck...
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    Forums, newbies and intimidation!

    I see no one else responded so I'll give it a shot although I'm a relatively recent member and a home cook at that.  IMHO, forum participation is best informed by reading the forum for awhile to see what its norms seem to be.  The members here range from "can't boil water" to seasoned...
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    can some one please explain this

    Labor is one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive, cost factors in the foods we buy in the supermarket.  The fewer times something is handled the less the labor costs.  It is cheaper for the store to stock one 10 lb. bag of chicken once and sell it to me once than it is to stock and...
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    Recipe Philosophy: Cook it as written.

    That's an eye-opener.  I need to chew on that a bit.  I often cook "my way" because of the food sensitivities we have (e.g. no tomatoes), what I have on the shelf, and my lazy desire to convert to something that doesn't need to be watched on the stove top.  (I do rice in the oven.)  Would there...
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    May 2017 Cooking Challenge: Fish!

    I love to eat almost anything that swims.  Hubby?  Not so much.  One fish we have ready access to and he likes are individual frozen tuna steaks -- as long as they are cooked all the way through.  So, I've been experimenting with a variety of ways to make well-done tuna that stays moist.  This...
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    April 2017 Cooking Challenge - Traditional Swedish Food!

    oops!  I'm a day late and a dollar short!  Thanks, Kuan, and congratulation, Summer57!!
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    April 2017 Cooking Challenge - Traditional Swedish Food!

    My feeling about this is that any of the four of you did so well you deserve to vote for your own if you want to!
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    Skillet ribeye...What am I doing wrong?

    OP said, "Well one thing I did notice is that it didn't have much fat on the steak or through the steak."  It might not have been actual ribeye but more of a round steak (with which you can sometimes tow a car).  Some hunks of beef, even the same cuts from the same store, are tougher than...
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    Iced Coffee

    I would experiment with a group of friends and see what they think.  Coffee stored in glass, covered, will last in the fridge a good deal longer than coffee in plastic left open on the counter.  Try taste testing.  Can your group of guinea pigs taste the difference between 6 hour old coffee...
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