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    Catering Appetizers with BBQ Theme

    Boiled peanuts, pimento cheese, candied bacon, watermelon salad, bacon wrapped sausage or shrimp, smoked jalapeño poppers, smoked meatballs, pork belly bites. these are things I might do.
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    Selling Pulled Pork at a fair.

    I am pro BBQ caterer and do competition BBQ. I alaways hold meat whole wrapped in foil in either a Cambro or Yeti cooler. They can stay hot for several hours. Pull meat to order and put in a chafing dish with stereno one butt at a time, as needed. Put a water bath under your meat and you...
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    Boneless Short Rib Substitute

    Chuck roast
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    Aluminum hotel pans don't fit in my steam table

    I do the same thing with my foil pans. I got a bunch of nice used hotel pans from a used restaurant supply store.
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    Problem reheating BB ribs

    I agree that day of cooking is best, but reheating wrapped in foil in a low temp oven is probably the best alternative.
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    Help! How do I add good food to my bar?

    I like the idea of cheese and charcuterie. It is one of my favorites when I am out. You could also get a good truck to park on your lot and "allow" people to bring in their food?
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    appetizers BBQ style? Need Ideas!

    Also Korean BBQ tacos or lettuce wraps, top the grilled or smoked meat with kimchi
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    appetizers BBQ style? Need Ideas!

    Smoked wings also
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    appetizers BBQ style? Need Ideas!

    Poppers, abts ( as mentioned before) also pig candy. It is a small slice of smoked sausage warped with half a slice of slab bacon making a cup. Then top with brown sugar and smoked until bacon is cooked. The fat from the sausage and bacon mix with the sugar to make a sauce. It has been a big...
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    Colored or Patterned Blades

    I don't know which is better, but KAI is part of the brand that makes Shun, which are much more high end. A lot of people have issues with shun, but it is a much nicer knife than either of these.
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    Colored or Patterned Blades

    Is this more of what I think you are talking about. I do not like these kind of knives, but my brother-in-law (who is an executive chef in DC) loves them for home use. He uses much better knives at work though...
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    Suggestions for a smoker anyone?

    If $300 is your limit the weber smokey mtn is your best bet. It is the best store bought smoker under $1000. Vertical smokers are easier to use than horizontal offsets. You can do a 30 hour smoke without refueling. You are just playing with vent settings to get temps right.
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    Suggestions for a smoker anyone?

    Get a weber smokey mountain. The 18.5 is probably the best all around for fuel efficiency. Or build a UDS drum smoker out of a 55 gallon drum.
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    Looking for advice

    Thermopen or the theromopop same company just a bit slower reading and 70 dollars cheeper.
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    Which cambro should I buy

    Thanks!!! That is the model I pulled the trigger on. I works great. We used it to serve and keep hot 40 pounds of smoked pulled pork and 40 pounds of smoked pulled chicken.
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