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  7. guysmily

    Worth saving these knives?

    Hey guys, My Suehiro 1000/5000 stones came in from toolsfromjapan!  They were extremely well packed, with each stone individually boxed and wrapped in many many layers of bubble wrap, and those bundles surrounded by pillowy soft packing peanuts the likes of which I have never seen before...
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    Worth saving these knives?

    I can dig it! I'm sure I'll get over the babying phase soon enough. Then I'll start lusting after insanely expensive knives, more sharpening toys, a wood cutting board..
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    Worth saving these knives?

    Oops, my post went to moderators again for having links and stuff.  I'm sure it'll be approved soon. But yeah, I'm really happy with the handle feel.  The rivets are almost perfectly flush - I can barely feel them.  The left piece of the handle comes down ever so slightly past the tang, and I...
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    Worth saving these knives?

    Some other posts made it seem like my onions were going to turn into a pile of black goop and my whole apartment building was going to smell of sulfur.  I had no problems with this knife whatsoever, but I can see it being a problem if you took this knife out of the box and had to cut 100 onions...
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